Library Essentials

We offer ongoing, regularly occurring workshops on the basics of how to use your libraries. Offered by either Columbia University Libraries or Teachers College, these sessions are open to anyone at Columbia and are typically appropriate for any level. (No prior library or research knowledge necessary!) Workshops are held weekly on various days and times to easily accommodate your schedule and are all one hour or less.



We offer workshops on various aspects of digital publishing and scholarly communication, centering on support for partners in our podcasting and journal publishing programs but open to anyone at Columbia interested in learning more about the mechanics and best practices of scholarly publishing in various media. Frequent workshop topics include the production and dissemination of podcasts, editorial best practices for journal editors, and (for accepted journal-program partners) setting up and maintaining journals using Open Journals Systems (OJS).


Copyright law is integral to how students and faculty can use, distribute, and reuse materials in their own academic work. We support faculty and students in understanding copyright and how it relates to their work to carry out research, publish academic work, use or publish course materials, and communicate the products of research.


Data & Digital Scholarship

We build critical data literacies for library users at all levels to find, evaluate, understand, steward, and use data. Our experts offer training modules on data-research-related techniques and subjects such as data mining and analysis, text analysis, Python, relational databases, geographic information systems (GIS), web mapping, and more.

Our Foundations for Research Computing series, hosted in collaboration with CUIT and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, provides informal training for Columbia University graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop fundamental skills for harnessing computation: core languages and libraries, software development tools, best practices, and computational problem-solving.


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