Access Privileges

Who Can Access Library Services

Current Columbia University affiliates and consortial partners with accounts in good standing may use library services. If you were directed to this page after attempting to log in and use a service, your account may be blocked. You can check by logging in to My Borrowing Account. Please contact for further assistance.


Who Can Access Physical Library Locations

Libraries are currently open for study and access to collections for faculty students, staff, retirees, and alumni. You must have a Columbia University ID to enter. Hours can be found here. Retirees and alumni may access Butler Library, and the Rare Book & Manuscript Library is accepting limited appointments for external visiting researchers. All other special collections visits continue to be available for research by appointment only.

Visitors may access Butler Library. Visitors must check in for each visit at the Library Information Office in Butler Library during business hours with proof of vaccination and ID. Hours can be found here.  Please review our Visitors page for more information about the types of visitors permitted to enter Butler at this time, plus important reminders for visits. 

Columbia faculty, students, and staff must have a Columbia ID to enter. 

Retirees, researchers with appointments, and other approved visitors must check in to provide proof of vaccination with ID. Hours can be found here

Please contact the Library Information Office with questions.