Student Library Advisory Committee

2023-24 Co-Chair: Allison Morrow, Director of Communications, Columbia University Libraries
2023-24 Co-Chair: Maureen Guilbot, Student, Teachers College

The Student Library Advisory Committee gives students an active voice in library-related issues on campus. The Student Library Advisory Committee is a two-way forum for information exchange between students and the Columbia University Libraries. Meetings are held twice per semester during the Fall and Spring academic terms. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


The Student Library Advisory Committee is charged with maintaining effective communication channels between student organizations, their members, and the Columbia University Libraries. The Student Library Advisory Committee serves as a conduit for the transmission of student needs and concerns to the administration and staff of the Columbia University Libraries.


To contact the Student Advisory Committee with questions about library services, membership, or meetings, please e-mail

2023-24 Student Members

Columbia College
Mariam Jallow
Adam Sieswerda
Trang Thi Quynh Truong
Tejasri Vijayakumar

Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science 
HaYoung Jin
Aarya Raghavan
Stephanie Tarrab

School of General Studies
Evan Edler
Haya Fine
Katherine Zimmermann

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Veronica Hylton
Valencia Tong 

Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning
Carter Horton
Doei Kang

School of Professional Studies
Sarah Lin
Elena Trismen Wilson

School of International and Public Affairs 
Deris Nagara
Gabriella Danielle Ramirez

School of Journalism
Tommaso Baronio

Teachers College
Maureen Guilbot
Durga Jambunathan

Union Theological Seminary
Elliot Weidenaar

Barnard College 
Zilan Quian
Mila Lin Tabach

Meeting Reports