Student Library Advisory Committee

The Student Library Advisory Committee was created to give students an active voice in library-related issues on campus. The Student Library Advisory Committee is a two-way forum for information exchange between students and the Columbia University Libraries.  Meetings will be scheduled twice per semester during the Fall and Spring academic terms.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


The Student Library Advisory Committee is charged with maintaining effective communication channels between student organizations, their members, and the Columbia University Libraries. The Student Library Advisory Committee serves as a conduit for the transmission of student needs and concerns to the administration and staff of the Columbia University Libraries.


To contact the Student Advisory Committee with input related to library services, please e-mail

2018-2019 Members

Aliya Bhatia, SIPA
Molly Boord, General Studies
Darold Cuba, Oral History, GSAS
Alex Cuadrado
, Italian
Ashritha Eadara, Biomedical Engineering, Graduate student
Cyrus Hadavi, Columbia College
Monique Noelle Harmon, Columbia College
Brandon Harrington, Union Theological Seminary
Rahim Hashim, Biological Sciences
Anna Elizabeth Jastrzembski, School of the Arts
Arlena Camille McClenton, Barnard College
Drazen Medina, Columbia College
Ethan Park, Columbia College
Noemy Laurie Santos, School of Social Work
Vera Smirnova, Chemical Engineering, Graduate student
Arvind Srinivasan, Mechanical Engineering, Graduate student
Aimee Toner, Barnard College
Taylor Williams, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
OPEN, Columbia Business School

Libraries Staff

Anice Mills, Undergraduate Services Librarian
Allison Morrow, Associate Director, Communications
Francie Mrkich, Director, Access Services
Barbara Rockenbach, Associate University Librarian for Research & Learning
Kristina Williams, Journalism and Government Information Librarian
Breck Witte, Director of Library Information Technology Office

Meeting Reports