Research Data Services

Your Research Has a Story; We Will Help You Tell It

Your Research Has a Story

We Will Help You Tell It

Research Data Services understands that a research project is always a process that requires different skills at different steps. We provide a range of services and programs, host events and workshops, and partner with faculty and students in collaborative projects to help you find, evaluate, understand, steward and use data.


Find Data


Visualize Data

R Example
  • Get help with technical questions about Python, R, Stata, SPSS, GIS, and JavaScript.
  • Text Mining guide: opportunities for TDM research.
  • Web projects: Develop an online presence for your research data.

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Columbia University Libraries Studio is a unique space and practice that enables and promotes ethical, sustainable, FAIR, and collaborative, digital and data-driven research and pedagogy. We host Studio Open Labs and Studio Workshops at Lehman 215 and Butler 208B.

Learn more on the Studio page.


Season one was streamed live on Twitch, now archived and available to watch on the Columbia University Libraries Studio YouTube channel. Season one, The Rose Hall Project, focused on building a digital scholarship project from the ground up.


Research Data Librarian Moacir P. de Sá Pereira streams on Tuesdays, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm New York time, for the Studio Remote’s Coding with the Dead where Moacir works on, and builds Wandertext, a project dedicated to creating datasets, thereby providing a semantically rich catalog of places referred to in various “texts” (understood broadly) that can then be cross-referenced with each other.