Research Data Services

Research Data Services

Research Data Services is jointly supported by the Libraries and CUIT, providing support and consulting for research data needs at Columbia University. Our expert staff are available to help with many aspects of the research data lifecycle including research data management, finding data, recommendation for cleaning and understanding data, mapping and visualizing your data.

Research Data Consultation

Consultation & help
  • Our librarians specializing in research data and our digital center interns are available to consult on questions regarding the research data lifecycle. To schedule a consultation, please use the Schedule a Research Consult form.
  • Our librarians and interns also host walk-in consultation hours at Lehman 215 during the course of the week, where you can stop by to discuss research data without an appointment. To see our hours, please view our RDS Walk-In Calendar.

Workshops & Studio at Lehman Open Labs

Consultation & help
  • RDS hosts and amplifies workshops within the Libraries that are related to research data. We have provided workshops on timeseries data in Stata, panel data in Stata, plain text scholarship, and advice for presentations. We also occasionally provide introductions to data analysis and geographic information systems via our Data Club and Map Club. Please see our Workshops Schedule for more information and to register.
  • Additionally, the RDS space in Lehman 215 hosts Studio at Lehman Open Labs four times a week. During this time, the space is open for scholars and researchers to collaborate or seek consultation on ethical, sustainable, and FAIR digital, data-driven research and pedagogy.

Data Club

Consultation & help
  • Data Club meets Mondays, 3pm–5pm, in Lehman 215. The agenda is set the previous week by consensus. Please see the Workshops Schedule for more information.
  • Data Club welcomes members of the Columbia community who work with data and are interested to learn more about data analysis, management, and other aspects of the data life cycle. Open to beginners and experts, it provides a space to experiment with new libraries or techniques.
  • Data Club, through its interns, also offers a two-hour workshop, “Introduction to Data,” which introduces the basics of data analysis and visualization in Python and R. Please see the Workshops Schedule for more information.

Map Club

Consultation & help
  • Map Club meets most Mondays 11am–1pm in Lehman 215 and will cover a wide range of mapping and GIS related topics. Please see our Workshops Schedule for weekly topics and to register.
  • Map Club is designed to serve members of Columbia University, beginners or experts, who want to work with data visualization, GIS, and other mapping tools and techniques. Workshops will integrate lectures and hands on exercises.
  • Map Club also holds occasional “GIS Crash Courses” throughout the semester, which introduce basic concepts and geoprocessing tools in QGIS.

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