Research Data Services

Your Research Has a Story; We Will Help You Tell It

Your Research Has a Story

We Will Help You Tell It

Research Data Services understands that a research project is always a process. It requires different skills at different steps. We provide support and consultation for the research data needs of the members of Columbia University.


Work With Data

  • R, Stata, or Pandas
  • GIS
  • Data Management & Planning

Visualize Data

  • GIS and Web Maps
  • ggplot2 and Matplotlib
  • JavaScript Visualization

Collections, Tools, & More



Map Club is for beginners and experts who want to work with data visualization, GIS, and other mapping tools and techniques. It also hosts occasional “GIS Crash Courses” throughout the semester, which introduce basic concepts and geoprocessing tools in QGIS.

Learn more on the Map Club page.

Data Club Thumbail

Data Club is for those who work with data and are interested in learning more about data analysis, management, and other aspects of the data life cycle. Open to beginners and experts, the club is a space to experiment with new libraries or techniques, usually in Python or R.

Learn more on the Data Club page.


Columbia University Libraries Studio is a unique space and practice that enables and promotes ethical, sustainable, FAIR, and collaborative, digital and data-driven research and pedagogy. We host Studio Open Labs and Studio Workshops at Lehman 215 and Butler 208B.

Learn more on the Studio page.