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Activism in the Archives

This semester’s events and exhibits to commemorate the global revolutions of 1968 inspired Columbia students to engage directly with archival materials from the era and explore the legacies of young activists not unlike themselves. Read More »

The Divine Connector
In partnership with Columbia Professor Teodolinda Barolini, the Libraries is working to digitally connect illuminated manuscripts, artwork, sound recordings, commentary, and more related to the study of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Read More »
Countering Impermanence
In addition to building its own web archives – all of which are publicly accessible – the Libraries collects collaboratively with peer institutions and partners to ensure the capture and preservation of a highly ephemeral research source. Read More »

For all of the changes in the information landscape and our expanding ideas about which materials have a place in our collections, what continues to be most valuable to us are the human interactions. The future of the library is long, and the continuum of that arc is our people.

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