Digital Library Seminar Series: 2010-10-08


Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey 2009: Strategic Insights for the Research Library


Roger C. Schnonfeld


Roger leads the research efforts at Ithaka S+R (the strategy and research arm of Ithaka). His work has focused on shifts in faculty attitudes and research practices in an increasingly electronic environment; shifts in teaching practices and the future of instruction; the changing role of the library; and the economic analysis, system-level modeling, and preservation policy for digital and hybrid collections of scholarly literature and government documents. Roger recently served on the NSF Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access and currently on the Western Regional Storage Trust's advisory committee.


The 2009 Ithaka S+R faculty survey--the fourth in a series conducted over the last decade--examines how current faculty attitudes and behaviors impact strategic decisions facing libraries, publishers, and scholarly societies and complements a number of related studies underway or in development by Ithaka S+R This talk will examine findings and analysis on two important issues of interest to research libraries: 1. Changing faculty research practices and the strategic implications for the academic library; and 2. Faculty attitudes and expectations on the print and electronic formats and their implications for collection development and management. Ample time will be reserved for questions and discussion.






10:00 - 11:30 AM


203 Butler Library, Morningside Heights Campus, Columbia University