Digital Library Seminar Series: 2013-05-03





This event is sponsored by the
Libraries Digital Program Division
and the
Digital Centers (Humanities, Science, Social Science)

It is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.






Collaborating in Research and Services: Digital Centers Internship Projects


Fanghua Li, master's student in the Department of Statistics
Alyssa Nasca, master's student in the Department of Anthropology
Matthew Previto, master's student in the Department of Anthropology
Joe Sheppard, doctoral student in the Classical Studies program
Rachel Stevenson, master’s student in the Medieval and Renaissance Studies program
Rachel Goodyer, doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy


In the fall of 2012, the Libraries undertook a new initiative with the Digital Centers Internship Program, building upon the great success of its existing internship programs to focus on students with an interest in digital scholarship.  The goals of this program were threefold: 1) To advance an expanding number of projects and applications in digital scholarship and learning that will be useful to the wider academic community; 2) To expose the next generation of faculty and researchers to rich and innovative digital tools that will be useful in their future work and will improve their competitiveness in the academic marketplace; and 3) To present alternative career paths for those holding advanced degrees, specifically in providing professional-level support for digital scholarship.

This event will reveal the challenges and opportunities that the interns have encountered through the course of their projects, highlighting their contributions to the libraries and to the university community at-large as they have worked in support of the goals of the program.  This event will provide a broad review of the accomplishments of the internship program from this past academic year and will give members of the university community the chance to learn more about the new library services that have been developed out of the collaborations of the interns and their staff supervisors.


May 3, 2013




1:00 - 2:30 PM


203 Butler Library, Morningside Heights Campus, Columbia University