Directions & Local Accommodations

Please visit the NYU Web site for directions to New York University.

Should you be in need of a place to stay, we have provided a short list of suggested accommodations. No endorsement is implied. (editorials, where listed, are Kimberly's)

While NYU does not have any guest rooms, there are several hotels in the area. The closest is the Washington Square Hotel, which is about 2 blocks away. It's nice, but pretty basic (like a hotel in Europe, rather than a Marriott). Prices range from $116-$167 per night. You can get more information at or 800-222-0418.

Other area hotels include:

60 Thompson. VERY swanky, and also very close by. About $300 per night. or 877-431-0400.

Soho Grand Hotel. A reasonable walk to NYU. About $269 per night. or 877-519-6600.

Holiday Inn Soho. A slightly longer walk than Soho Grand, in China Town. About $153-$219 per night. or 212-966-8898.

Holiday Inn Midtown. Not walkable, but convenient to subway. $129-185 per night. or 212-581-8100.

Holiday Inn Martinique. Herald Square across from Macy's, a decent distance of about 30 blocks, and also close to subways. $84-$299 per night. or 212-736-3800.

Ramada New Yorker. Near Penn Station. Probably too far to walk, but convenient to subways. "Kind of shabby, but OK", said Kimberly's parents, and a good price at $125 per night. or 866-800-3088.

If you are in town for a day or two you may not be up to mastering the subway system. Keep in mind that there are always taxis and the fare to NYU from even the farthest hotels on this list would probably be under $10.

Please contact Kimberly if you have additional questions about accommodations. A list of local eateries for lunch will be provided in your symposium packets.