DLST Alumni

Our work today builds on the many contributions of former DLST staff, and we're grateful for the past efforts and proud of their subsequent achievements.

Former Staff Active in Libraries and Technology


Terry Catapano

Terry was an early hire in the department who established our first automated workflows for publishing archival description and ebooks, and was an integral part of all Columbia Libraries' digital initiatives during his tenure here. Terry is also an active participant in standards bodies, and was recognized as a key contributor to the EAD3 specification.

Terry is now on staff at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, and a technical advisor to the Whitman Archive, PLAZI, and the Making & Knowing Project.


David Hodges

David Hodges (CV) played key roles both in the management of large grant-funded projects and in the implementation of new back-office workflows. David's work was central to the migration to (and ongoing integration of workflows around) ArchivesSpace for managing archival description, assessment of website access statistics, and in the establishment of CUL's unified ebook platform.

David is now an associate dean in the libraries at Adelphi University.


Violeta Ilik

Violeta Ilik (CV) led a team responsible for diverse preservation and publication projects for CUL's digital collections, personally leading projects ranging from establishing the authorization and presentation infrastructure for virtual reading rooms to the migration of our DOI corpus to DataCite.

Violeta is an active member of the linked data research community, and has many scholarly affiliations including leadership positions with FORCE11 and VIVO. Violeta revived CUL's digital library speaker series and organized the 2020 Knowledge Graphs Conference hosted at Columbia University.

Violeta now leads the library system at Adelphi University.


Marii Nyrop

Marii Nyrop (CV) played a key role in establishing the Foundations in Research Computing program at Columbia, and was part of the Libraries' first cohort of certified Software Carpentry instructors. Marii was an important part of our ongoing IIIF service development, and was the technical lead on numerous digital exhibitions. Marii's work on digital exhibitions and minimal computing resulted in the development and release of Wax, a popular tool for building and publishing digital exhibitions as lightweight static sites.

Marii is now affiliated with NYU Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services.


Megan O'Neill

Megan O'Neill (CV) was part of the digital libraries and digital scholarship synthesis resulting in the modern DLST department. Megan was an early adopter of Ruby on Rails in CUL, migrating multiple legacy projects wholesale. Megan's work enabled the Columbia University Press to offer hybrid open/subscription access to research services, and established some of the department's first use of code quality metrics.

Megan has since moved into private sector software development, and is now an Senior Staff Engineer.


Carla Galarza

Carla Galarza (CV) was a part of the digital libraries and digital scholarship synthesis resulting in the modern DLST department. Carla was instrumental in bringing the institutional repositry at Academic Commons into tooling, publication, and data management alignment with CUL's digital collections, and was a key contributor to our metadata management applications and to the Blacklight community.

Carla is now a senior developer with the University of Pennsylvania Libraries' Technology & Digital Initiatives division.