Job Opportunities

DLST is hiring! The positions listed here are open until filled. If you're interested in digital libraries and library web services, we'd be excited to hear from you. We hire in two employment groups: Officers of the Administration, which designates general professional staff at Columbia, and Officers of the Libraries, librarian positions which have additional educational requirements and a dedicated system of professional ranks and governing policies.



This is an early/mid career Officer of Administration position with our infrastructure and applications team. The incumbent will contribute to a variety of projects, eventually acting as the technical lead for our institutional repository (source repository) and as a key contributor for our digital collections management tools (source repository).

These applications are currently built with Rails and Blacklight, but we invite applications from candidates with a portfolio in any of our core platforms who are motivated to develop the ability to contribute to Ruby web projects. We are especially interested in candidates with experience in open source and/or collaborative development in the higher education or cultural heritage sectors!  

Position Description

Reporting to the Head of Development, Infrastructure, and Applications, the Programmer Analyst-A develops, maintains, and integrates computing systems and software in support of Columbia’s Digital Library and Scholarly Technologies Program. This includes working as necessary in all of the Development, Infrastructure & Application Group’s principal languages, tools and platforms. In addition to application development, the position is responsible for supporting data conversions and migrations directly, via tool development, and with process automation. The position is responsible for researching and evaluating new software solutions. The position may be asked to mentor junior colleagues.

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