Color Space

The Scanning Lab is a color managed environment. All of the monitors are calibrated on a monthly basis and all of the scanning devices have input profiles. It is a common practice to use more than one of the scanning devices in creating digital files for a specific project. Because of this a common color space is needed in which to edit all of the files from the various devices.

A color model is a mathematical representation of color (such as RGB or CMYK). It is a general system for assigning numbers to color. A color space is an instance of a color model. There are many color spaces such as ProphotoRGB, sRGB, LAB. The important thing to consider in choosing a color space is how wide a color gamut it represents and whether it is a well documented model.

The AdobeRGB (1998) color space was chosen as the common “editing space”.  It has a slightly wider gamut than sRGB and is well documented and in common use in the digital imaging field. Any necessary tonal adjustments of the digital files will be made in this specific color model.