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Debate – “Be it Resolved: There will be no reference desks in large academic libraries in 2012”

A Select Reading List Prepared by Steven J. Bell and Sarah B. Watstein

Note: Practitioners and scholars continue to debate this issue as they have for decades. Their work can be found in a variety of publications targeted to diverse audiences. This list includes references to select contributions to what promises to be a continuing debate - - well into 2012 and beyond.

Abram, Stephen. Reconstructing the Reference Team: 6 Ways to Sunday. SirsiDynix OneSource November 28, 2006.

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(From the Library Journal review: “This book is a mixture of papers given at the institutes on redesigning reference held at the University of California at Berkeley and Duke University in March and June of 1993; responses to those papers; notes from small group meetings at the institutes; impressions and summaries by participants; instructions on how to set up such institutes; and selected readings and bibliographies.”)

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