Cataloging Practices Manual (CPM)

  • CPM-165: Precat and Offsite Prefliminary Record Processing (obsolete)
  • CPM-177: Workflow for newly-cataloged items for ReCAP
  • CPM-178: Processing New Material for Offsite
  • CPM-179: Processing New ave/fax Material for Offsite (obsolete)
  • CPM-403: Charging Item Records
  • CPM-424: Descriptive list of offsite barcode prefixes used at Columbia
  • CPM-679: Mixed Media Processing: Monographs

Departmental Collection Maintenance Manual (DCMM)

  • DCMM-600: Full Title Withdrawals: Monographs and Serials
  • DCMM-612: Withdrawals: Some Items of a Set or Serial
  • DCMM-904: Routing Offsite Volumes for Repair, Rebinding, Replacement, Microfilming, or Photocopies

Serials Cataloging, Adding & Recon Manual (SCARM)

  • SCARM-335 : Bound-with Procedures for Offsite Serials and Multi-volume Monographic Set
  • SCARM-420: Company Reports Cataloging Project
  • SCARM 525: Processing Microfilms of Serials for Offsite
  • SCARM-620: Adding Volumes to Offsite Sets and Serials
  • SCARM 704: Processing a:off Offsite Analyzed Serials
  • SCARM 705: Processing a:all Offsite Analyzed Serials

Other Departmental Documentation