Request Failures: Backchannel/Non-CLIO Failure

This type of failure occurs when a request is placed for an item that is not available for request from ReCAP.  A barcode is not available for request if it has status OUT or NOT ON FILE in LAS.

Most often CUL staff are responsible for this type of failure.

Results when barcodes are submitted either 1) directly to ReCAP staff for retrieval, bypassing CUL's standard request mechanisms or 2) via Non-CLIO mechanism when records exist in CLIO.  The barcodes are not added to CUL's "big file" of barcodes currently out from ReCAP.  Google Project Failures are an example of backchannel failure.  This is primarily a problem for special, restricted collections.

  • Items appear to be requestable but have status OUT at ReCAP

Barcode Tracking : Model of how CUL and ReCAP databases remain in sync, 4/09

It is sometime difficult to identify this type of failure.  It has become rare as staff adapted to using standard request mechanisms.  Preventing it involves effective staff training and an effort to have all Offsite collections entered in Voyager.