Butler Library

General Collections

Butler Library has transfered collections to ReCAP since the facility opened in 2002.  Collections include multiple video formats: DVD, VHS, laserdisc and film canisters.  All phases of transfer involve smart and dumb barcodes.  It has three CLIO location assigned for Offsite collections:

  • off,bmc : Butler Media Center collections that have limited circulation (resvideo, CV)
  • off,glx : general, circulating collections (circ, CU)
  • off,ref : non-circulating collections (same, CR)

Butler Library collections correspond to three customer codes:

  • CR : allow delivery to all CUL libraries (off,ref and off,glx)
  • CU : allow delivery to all CUL and ReCAP partner libraries (off,glx)
  • CV : allow delivery only to Milstein Reserves desk (off,bmc)

On the annual (estimated) ReCAP quotas, Butler Library is typically allocated 45,000-70,000 items.  More specific information about Butler Media Center collections are available on it's own website.

Other Notes

CLIO Displays

  • off,bmc
    Corresponds to customer code CV.  Deliverable only to Milstein Reserves (Butler Media Center); non-circulating.
  • off,glx
    Corresponds to customer codes CU and CR.  Deliverable to all libraries; circulating.
  • off,ref
    Corresponds to customer code CR.  Deliverable to all libraries; non-circulating.

H&H (History and Humanities)

History and Humanities Division, Butler Library.  Reference and selector staff based in Butler Library. 

Presentations focus on usage data, policy and systems involving research collections owned by Butler Library.

  • Butler H&H Summary, 1/21/2010 (.ppt) : Review of new request limit, update on refile queue problem, proposed change to EDD policy and request data analysis.
  • H&H and ReCAP: What's New?, 3/29/2012 (.pptx) : Gloss over several current issues involving ReCAP collections: old vs new problems, Tier 12 and other projects, general Butler Library data, high-use titles, and impact of mass digitization.
  • H&H and ReCAP: New Data & High Use Titles, 7/16/2012 (.pptx) : Summary of FY12 data with new analysis; Discussion of high-use titles.

PMRR (Periodicals & Microforms Reading Room)

PMRR houses current periodicals, shelving for most of Butler Library's microform collection, maintains microform readers and has a service point.

As microform readers & collections have been transferred out of other departments, PMRR is the last remaining location where the machines are actively maintained.  

In summer 2012, a new CLIO Location (off,mrr) was created to help steer delivery towards PMRR.  

The process to flip microformats to the off,mrr was re-active and became problematic over time.  

In summer 2016, a new delivery location and corresponding stop code were created to separate the PMRR workflow from all other requests coming into Butler Library.  Here are the planning notes for that transition.

ReCAP Data

Definition of terms

Accession: Butler-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility

Request: Butler-owned collections requested by patrons or staff for delivery to campus

Delivery: Items physically delivered to Butler Circulation Desk, including items owned by other departments

Request Rate: Percentage of Butler-owned collection requested per year


  • Accessions
    Butler-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility.
  • Requests
    Total items requested from Butler-owned collections at ReCAP.
  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the Butler Circulation Desk.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only Lehman-owned.
  • EDD
    Total number of EDD (electronic document delivery) requests for Butler collections.  A subset of total "Requests."

Primary Statistics
  Accessions Requests Deliveries EDD
FY02 229,436
559 14
FY03 263,918 5,347
FY04 291,983 9,961
8,891 155
FY05 143,998 13,930
12,735 224
FY06 83,916 18,341
15,902 473
FY07 71,869 19,401
18,198 462
FY08 43,097 21,098
20,065 399
FY09 65,303 22,070
22,855 892
FY10 37,449 21,605
22,303 428
FY11 46,507 20,879
20,614 441
19,906 318
FY13 93,479 20,619 20,297 351
Total 1,430,529 194,350 187,225 4,198
Request Rate = 1.50%

Obsolete CLIO Locations

In early phases of ReCAP transfers, location xxx,anx2 was used as a transitional location for collections going to Offsite.

CLIO Location Total HLDGS Date Resolved
glx,anx 9,999+  
glx,anx2 195  
pren 7,163  
pren,fol 2 11/26/2013
pren,ref 0 n/a


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias: recap@library.columbia.edu

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542

E-mail: jll2223@columbia.edu