3/13/2008 Burke Library delivery option text changed to "Burke Library (UTS)"


The text in the drop-down menu was changed from "Burke Library" to "Burke Library (UTS)"

The adjustment helps patrons and staff more easily distinguish the Burke option from, visually similar, "Butler Library."

7/15/2008 ReCAP Courier given swipe access to Greene Hall

Daily deliveries from the ReCAP facility to CUL campus are contracted with Bohren's Moving and Shipping. Access to secure drop-off point for Law Library and Lehman Suite in Greene Hall had been no earlier than 7 a.m., when the doors automatically opened. This lengthened the overall delivery time, requiring it to be the last stop. CUID and swipe access were arranged for the ReCAP courier. Access must be renewed annually.

10/23/2008 Customer code created: CS, CUL Shipping & Receiving


New customer code created for delivery of ReCAP collections to CUL Shipping & Receiving.

Items may be selected for delivery to Shipping and Receiving (Butler) from the drop-down menu for Restricted Access requests.

CS delivery labels are [tbd] color paper to easily identify them in S&R.

1/7/2009 HSL ILL request mechanism created


LITO staff created a new, separate request mechanism for HSL ILL to account for their separate Ariel IP address.  Some request failures resulted; staff resolved problems. 

ILL request mechanisms were relabeled Morningside ILL and HSL ILL in December 2009.

1/13/2009 Customer code change: AR delivers to Avery Circulation Desk; AV delivers to Avery D&A

From the inception of ReCAP, Avery Library had been assigned four customer codes: AC, AD, AR and AV.  Avery Drawings and Archives uses AC and AD.  AR and AV are reserved for print collections. 

General collections were barcoded with AR-prefix barcodes and accessioned with customer code AR.  Customer code AV was not used for collections until 2009.  The Avery Circulation Desk delivery location had been assigned to customer code AV.  All CUL requests for AR collections delivered to AV. 

In preparation to send theses and dissertations from Avery Classics, the two customer codes AR and AV were reconsidered.  Classics collections were barcoded with AV-prefix barcodes and accessioned with customer code AV beginning in February 2009.  A separate delivery location for AV was needed; the same one as AC and AD would be used.

Changes made:

  1. ReCAP updates customer code table according to these specifications:
    • AC barcodes deliver to AD and all processing depts
    • AD barcodes deliver to only AD and Princeton Preservation
    • AR barcodes deliver to AR, processing depts and ILL/EDD
    • AV barcodes deliver to AD and all processing depts.
  2. LITO adjusts delivery options/default delivery locations for "Avery Library" which loads according to CLIO location (off,ave and off,fax).  Instances of AV are changed to AR.  The two, new CLIO locations associated with AV (off,far and off,avr) are deliverable to "Avery Drawings" (AD) in the Restricted Access request mechanism.
  3. LITO adjusts rus to list Avery Library as AR instead of AV.



6/1/2009 ReCAP Staffing Change

Starting June 1, 2009 the ReCAP facility moved to a single-shift staffing model with hours 7:30am-4:00pm.  In current, single-shift model the transfer times are 7:15 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.  Previous to staffing change the last file transfer time was 3:45 p.m.

7/24/2009 Customer code change: MZ, Recon project -> MZ, ReCAP Coordinator


Change in title and delivery location of existing customer code MZ. Accommodates project deliveries for ReCAP Coordinator. Delivery location changed to 106 Butler Library. CUL Shipping & Receiving stages MZ totes on the floor immediately to the left inside the S&R entrance.

Items may be selected for delivery to recap Coordinator from the drop-down menu for Mediated requests. Title is lower case so ILL staff may easily navigate to option RECAP Interlibrary Loan by pressing "r."

Change made to EDD citation requirements in response to difficulty processing incomplete citations at ReCAP facility. Patrons are required to input data in the Start and End Page fields for Electronic Delivery requests. Pop-up notice informs patron that data should be input if available and offers staff contact info. Validation does not require numerical data.


9/14/2009 Creation of Offiste BILO Report

A separate report of only offsite collections will be created for the BILO (Binding/In Transit/Labeling Overdue) Report.   Previously offsite locations had been included on the owning departments' BILO report.  It was changed because of the extended timeframe for the routine transfer of items to ReCAP compared to on campus shelving.  For more information on how the Offsite BILO Report is processed see the ReCAP Reports Website.

11/05/2009 Request Limit

On November 5, 2009 a 20-volume request limitation was imposed on the number of items a patron can request of a single title at one time. There is no limit to the number total number of items a patron can request per day. A pop-up alerts a patron of the limitation and provides staff contact information if more volumes are needed.

The goal of imposing this limit is to reduce impulsive, large-scale orders that affect staff at both ReCAP and CUL circulation desks.

Data to support this decision can be found here. For more in-depth analysis please refer to ReCAP Data Center.


11/18/2009 Customer code change: BCP -> BC

Change only to abridge customer code BCP to two letters: BC. Implemented because LAS (ReCAP Database) sometimes encounters problems with three-letter customer codes. To accomplish this a new customer code, BC, was created.

Mike Gibbons reports "BC to the COLUMBIA and COLUMALL groups, and associated it with the /home/garyb/outgoing/ FTP directory for reports. BCP stop is still active in case there are any problems or it’s too late for you to switch. I can remove that later when necessary. For now requests can go to both."

1/15/2010 Offsite Temp. Loc. Conversion

Project begun in December 2009 to remove off-site CLIO locations from Temp. Loc. field in item records and move them to Perm. Loc. Display was confusing to staff and created problems when generating certain reports. 51,310 records identified and converted using Voyager Pick and Scan. Items with location "gax" were retrieved and processed by SCMC.

4/9/2010 "Lost" Problem category added to weekly accession reports

Evidence showed that a few items are newly accessioned at ReCAP every week with "Lost" item status. These items are erroneously included on departments' quarterly NRTN Reports.  ReCAP collections can "jump" to the Retrospective report when the CLIO location changes from xxx to off,xxx and the item had "Lost" Item Status applied 360 days or more in the past.  Item Status "Lost" may have carried over from the Notis environment and not correspond to an active charge.

New category was added to the weekly Accession Report.  Items are listed under heading "barcodes with lost/system applied status."  MRP staff routinely discharges and removes Lost status from record.  Item becomes immediately available for request.

There are two types of Lost status: Lost - System Applied and Lost - Library Applied. The report includes both.

4/21/2010 E-mail Notification of ReCAP Request

Implementation of an e-mail alert system to confirm that a ReCAP request had been submitted. E-mail notification is sent to patrons and staff. Generated for both physical and electronic delivery. Full citation provided for electronic delivery. Generated for all request mechanisms, including patron via CLIO, Mediate, Restricted Access and Non-CLIO.

In October 2009 Francie Mrkich, Sarah Witte and Zack Lane proposed to create system similar to Borrow Direct notification. Desired elements: citation, patron info, barcode, staff contact info, ability to opt out, time/date of request and general information. ZL consulted with Breck Witte and submitted work order. Approved by ASCC, 3/30/2010.

March 2010 a prototype is available for testing. Test link:

Test link does not submit a request or modify our tracking data (rus). It can be used over and over without generating a real request. When implemented it will apply to all CUL request mechanisms: CLIO, mediated, restricted access and non-CLIO.

Two elements to consider while reviewing. 1) boilerplate information at top and bottom of message and 2) variable request data that loads from request form.

Questions addressed at ASCC, 3/30/2010

  • Where will e-mail go if nothing in E-mail field? [3/10 e-mail is required in order to submit request]
  • Should patron's name display from Name field rather than UNI? [3/10 updated to display Name]
  • How will requester be identified if it is a Mediated request? [3/10 staff UNI not identified in notificaion to patron]
  • Option to opt out? [3/10 no, e-mails can be automatically routed by user]
  • Can e-mail also be sent to staff in mediated request? [3/10 not immediately feasible or desirable]
  • Where should Enum/Chron information be displayed? [3/10 agreement, after barcode]
EDD Request
EDD Request
Physical Delivery - Multiple Items
Physical Delivery - Multiple Items
Physical Delivery - Single Item
Physical Delivery - Single Item
Physical Delivery - Mediated Request

Current boilerplate text:

"You will be contacted by email (to []) when the item is available, generally within two business days.
In order to best serve the Columbia community, please request 20 items or fewer per day.  Contact with questions and comments. Thank you for using Offsite collections."

7/6/2010 Transitional CLIO Location

Newly agreed procedure for holding record locations and charging during transfer to ReCAP.  For more information about issue see ReCAP Discussion Points website.

1.  For large projects, keep the onsite CLIO location (xxx) and do not charge individual items.   Location will change to off,xxx when ReCAP accessions file is processed.  For more information on location flip see "GET FROM OFFSITE" button : How and when it appears in CLIO.

2.  When processing individual items for ReCAP, set location to xxx4off and charge item to status patron

        a.  If item is routed to BSP, charge to OFFLABL001 or CATBIND001 status patron.  See New Acquisitions for ReCAP : How new acquisitions are routed directly to ReCAP.
        b.  If item is sent direct to ReCAP (including new acquisitions) staff may opt to charge item to DL2RECAPTR status patron.

3.  CLIO locations xxx,anx2 will not be applied to any item in process for ReCAP

11/22/2010 Quarterly Reports for Alternate Item Statuses

1/25/2011 New Science Library Delivery Location



Staff added the new Science Library as a new ReCAP delivery location. 

All users are permitted to select "Science & Engineering Lib (NWC Building)" for physical delivery of Offsite collections. 

Information and instructions for Sciences Circulation staff are maintained on the Science&Engineering/ReCAP website.

2/14/2011 Barnard Library Delivery Location


Staff added Barnard Library as a new ReCAP delivery location.  All users are permitted to select "Barnard Library" for physical delivery of Offsite collections.  Information and instructions for Barnard Circulation staff are maintained on the Barnard/ReCAP website.

8/22/11 EDD for patrons with active borrowing privileges only

  • Active borrowers who are blocked (one or more overdue recalls, over $99 owed in fines/fees, or other suspension of borrowing) will see the following:
  • Those who do not have active borrowing privileges should see no reference to EDD at all:

12/12/11 New Lehman Library Drop-Off Location: RH, Lehman Suite -> RH, Human Rights Watch

The former drop-off point at Lehman Suite changed to room 324B within Lehman Library.  Human Rights archivists had moved office and needed a nearer location to retrieve deliveries.

The stop code RH was changed from "Lehman Suite" to "Human Rights Watch."  ReCAP courier received keys to both the front door of Lehman and room 324B.  Swipe access was arranged at the Security Office in 112 Low.  An improvised room number (324B) was applied to the closet for overnight book returns.

8/28/12 Creation of new CLIO Locations off,mrr and mrr4off for microformat collections


New CLIO Location off,mrr created in order to limit delivery of microformat materials to Butler Library only. 

Over time the number of microfilm readers has dwindled to only  those currently located in PMRR, Butler 401. 

When Butler staff route microformat materials to PMRR.  PMRR staff alert requesters using rus.

mrr4off will be used for microforms being transferred to ReCAP.

3/5/13 Creation of new CLIO Location off,bssc for Business Library special collections


New CLIO Location off,bssc created in order to limit delivery of Business Library special collections.  It will be used for all BS-barcoded collections.


8/21/13 Public display of next-day delivery information


To increase the proportion of next-day deliveries for patron-driven ReCAP requests it was decided to include explicit information about request timing. 

New text was added at three junctures during the course of a standard CLIO request a) request webform, b) submission acknowledgment webpage, and c) acknowledgment email.

"Requests submitted before 2:30pm Mon-Fri will be filled in one business day; all requests filled in two business days."


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542