Barnard Library

Circulation Desk Reference

General Reference

  • Barnard does not have collections shelved in ReCAP.
  • It has been a delivery location for circulating collections since February 2011.
  • Patrons place unmediated requests for ReCAP collections via CLIO.  In the CLIO Beta the Location displays "Offsite" and there is a blue "Offsite" hyperlink to place a request.
Request from Offsite button
  • In the CLIO Legacy item view the Location displays "Offsite" and there is a gray, clickable "Request from Offsite" button. 
  • The terms "ReCAP" and "Offsite" are used interchangeably.  "Offsite" is the preferred term for public display.
  • Any active UNI is valid to place requests via CLIO.
  • Quick link to ReCAP Request Forms.  Use this to place Mediated Requests on behalf of library patrons who do not have an active UNI.
  • Mediated Request for Patrons : Guide to placing mediated requests for patrons
  • Initial notification is sent to patrons the moment they place a request
  • After daily delivery to Circulation, send e-mail notification using rus.  Remember to type "rus" at the $ prompt in Cunix.
  • Contact ReCAP Coordinator, Zack Lane, at any time with questions or problems: and (212) 851-5621.

Current Practice

  • Every business day ReCAP Courier delivers to CUL Shipping & Receiving
  • CUL Shipping & Receiving (107 Butler) delivers totes to Barnard Library circulation desk
  • Barnard circ staff processes incoming deliveries according to standard guidelines
  • Staff uses the Butler Circulation Desk happening location for both charging and discharging
  • Barnard circ staff processes outgoing returns according to standard guidelines.


  • Deliveries:  Amy Handfield/[unknown staff] back-up.  Delivery processing includes checking the shipping manifest, charging to Barnard Library hold shelf (BARHOLD001), email notification via rus and creating a hold slip.
  • Circulation:  Circulation desk staff charges circulating collections using the Butler Circulation Desk happening location.  Only full-time staff, not students, will charge/discharge incoming deliveries.
  • Returns:  Circulation desk staff discharge all items using the Butler Circulation Desk happening location.  Ignore all routing slips.
  • Packing:  Amy Handfield/[unknown staff] back-up.  Return processing includes packing ReCAP returns safely in gray totes, sealing lid with a plastic tie and reversing the delivery label to read "RECAP."
  • EDD issues:  none, Barnard has no collections accessioned at ReCAP

General Collections

Barnard Library has been a ReCAP delivery option since 2011.  Barnard has not transferred collections to ReCAP.  It is a delivery location only (customer code BL).

Barnard Delivery Option


Barnard Library and ReCAP (.pptx) : July 2013.  Data and charts on delivery to Barnard Library circulation.  For more information on ReCAP data in general, please see the ReCAP Data Center.


Barnard Circulation Data (.pptx) : Updated through FY13.  Summary of circulation activity of Barnard collections and the Barnard happening location, including system-wide data.  Primarily concerned with on campus collections.  Special focus on patron group BCA, Barnard College alumnae.

ReCAP Data


  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the Barnard circulation desk.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only Barnard-owned.
  • There are no accessions, requests or EDD statistics for Barnard because no collections have yet been transferred.

Primary Statistics

Fiscal Year Deliveries
FY11 431
FY12 1,612
FY13 1,516
TOTAL 3,559




ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542