rus (Patron Notification)

These instructions are designed for Circulation Desk staff who use the rus program to notify patrons that ReCAP requests have arrived. 

rus is a program designed in-house by LITO to notify CUL patrons that ReCAP requests are available for pick-up.  It can be used to retrieve information about barcode's requesting UNI and delivery location.  It does not function as a tracking system.

rus is case sensitive: upper and lower case letters must be entered accordingly.

Instructions for using rus

1. Log into rus


To open rus:

  • Log into Cunix with UNI and password (Start->PuTTY->Cunix)
  • Type rus at the $ prompt
  • If log-in fails, follow these instructions.
  • Enter the 2-letter delivery code of your location from the list.
  • The main menu will appear

2. Select current location

  • Enter the 2-letter delivery code of your location from the list (full list not displayed here)
  • The main menu will appear

3. rus main menu


Main menu options:

  • Option 1, for item check-in: Use this option for initial processing and patron notification. See Item Check-in instructions.
  • Option 2, to display full bib/item and patron information:
    Entering a barcode will display a printable information page
  • Option 3, for tracking file and display status:
    Seach terms include all data found in rus: barcode, UNI, location, or date (e.g. "2008.04.01" or "zl2114")
  • Option H, to display all items in system for a location
  • Option N, for instructions on creating a new user account for rus

4. Item check-in = Standard daily operations

  • Select Option 1 from the Main Menu.
  • On the next page, type or scan in the item barcode.
  • rus is case sensitive
  • If item is in an envelope/housing OR too fragile for circulation OR from a non-circulating collection, type F.
  • The patron will be notified by e-mail that the item is for in-library use only.
  • Select option M to send e-mail notification to the patron. 
  • Print out information screen according to local procedure (optional). It can be used as the Name/Date slip.
  • rus sends e-mail to the address supplied by the patron on the request form.

    rus does not validate e-mail addresses. If the e-mail addres is miskeyed, the patron will not receive notification.

Appendix: New rus users


If staff person types rus and sees output bash: rus: command not found, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Cunix using UNI/Password


2. At the $ prompt type ~culpub/bin/addpath

3. Log out and log back in. rus should now work. 

  • If it still fails, have them type groups at the $ prompt.  Check to see if cul is listed. If it is not, send e-mail to asking that the person be added to the cul group. Include their UNI in the message.
  • If it still doesn't work, contact Zack Lane, ReCAP Coordinator, and (212) 851-5621.


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

ReCAP Access Supervisor: Holly Kozlowski

Phone: (212) 851-5621