Staff Delivery Options for Mediated Requests

The following locations are intended for staff use only.  Physical delivery requests for patrons must be routed to regular Circulation Desks.

Requests for these locations (excluding ReCAP ILL) are delivered to CUL Shipping & Receiving.  S&R transports them to individual units.  Contact personnel are listed for each destination.  Corresponding customer code is listed in parentheses after location.

Bibliographic Control (BC): 101 Butler. Carole Sussman, and (212) 854-7563.

Butler Preservation (BT): 101Butler. Janet Gertz, and (212) 854-5757.

Monograph Recon -- for MRP (MP): 106A Butler. Misha Harnick, and (212) 854-5722.

Interlibrary Loan (CI): 305 Butler. Peter Bae, and (212) 854-7611.

RECAP Interlibrary Loan (IL): ReCAP Facility. Orla Mejia, and (609) 258-7614.

recap Coordinator (MZ): 101 Butler. Zack Lane, and (212) 851-5621.

Milstein Reserves (CV): 208 Butler. Insaf Ali, and (212) 854-3534.