Business Library

General Collections

Business Library has transferred collections to ReCAP since 2002. Collections include circulating collecions of monographs, serials and microfilm; non-circulating collections of corporate annual reports. It has one CLIO locations assigned for off-site collections:

  • off,bus : circulating general collections (circ)
  • off,bssc : BS-barcode special collections (noncirc)

Business collections correspond to two customer codes:

  • CU : allow delivery to all CUL and ReCAP partner libraries (off,bus)
  • BS : allow delivery only to Business Library (off,bssc)

Business Library has progressed several phases of transfer. The initial phase included transfers of 10-prefix barcoded collections from Clancy-Cullen's temporary shelving facility in the Bronx and BS-prefix barcodes from Uris.

Phases of smart barcoding include: 2002 (CU5), 2004/2005 (CU6) and 2008/2009 (CU6). Collections have been transferred from several physical locations: Uris stacks, Uris basement, Prentis, Annex and new acquisitions from MPS via BSP.

Large shift of on-campus collections from the main stacks to the Lehman basement (leh,bdis) took place in 2012.  MRP has been working to send all material to ReCAP.  It is possible that leftover material may be shifted to Brewster in 2014.  A reduced collection is maintained at Uris.  All books are barcoded, however there may be many books in Voyager that can not be found on the shelf.

BS barcodes were used for collections of corporate reports and loose issues in boxes or envelopes deliverable only to Business.

On the annual (estimated) ReCAP quotas, Business has been allocated 15,000 volumes for collection growth off-set.


Space is an important issue at Business Library. Much space has been re-purposed in response to patron demand. Circulation has declined for serials, trending towards heavier use of databases and e-books. B-school not using monograph literature as heavily. Large shift in FY07 to make way for renovation. FY08 transferred nothing due to construction.

Plans for Business Library to move to Manhattanville; date not yet determined.

Selection for transfer according to current criteria:

  • Monographs published more than 15 years ago
  • Journals that are available in JSTOR
  • Manual selection by Business biliographers

Staging area has been onsite. Books shelved in call number order for easy retrieval for patrons.

New CLIO Location off,bssc created on 3/5/13 to limit delivery options for special collections to Business Library only.  Previously off,bus had been used for all collections.  If a BS-barcoded item were requested to non-Business location, a failure would result.  Follow-up work to resolve complex bound-withs still needs to be performed.


  • MRP GAs handle smart barcodes
  • Business GAs handle serial green sheets
  • MRP and ReCAP Coordinator involved in resolving backlog

Other Notes

off,bus - 2015 - CLIO Beta
  • off,bus
    Corresponds to customer codes CU and CR.  Deliverable to all libraries; circulating.
off,bssc - 2015 - CLIO Beta
  • off,bssc
    Corresponds to customer code BS.  Deliverable only to Business; non-circulating.

Special Projects

  • Annual Reports
    Columbia Historical Corporate Annual Reports were transferred to ReCAP without CLIO records. Original donation by Marvyn Scudder. An Excel file is maintained by staff. Collection is assigned customer code BS. Approx. 8,731 volumes yet to be resolved (May 2010). Patrons may have items retrieved. SPS staff resolves cataloging according to SCARM-420.
  • Backlog Clean-up
    ReCAP Coordinator arranged internship project to assist remaining backlog shelved on Tier 1 of Butler stacks and behind Circulation Desk at Business Library.



  • Business Circulation Data (.pptx) : Updated through FY13.  Summary of circulation activity of Business collections and the Business happening location, including system-wide data.  Primarily concerned with on campus collections

ReCAP Data


  • Accessions
    Business-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility.
  • Requests
    Total items requested from Business-owned collections at ReCAP.
  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the Business circulation desk.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only Business-owned.
  • EDD
    Total number of EDD (electronic document delivery) requests for Business collections.  A subset of total "Requests."

Primary Statistics

  Accessions Requests
FY02 79,400 289 163
FY03 31,957 1,300 648
FY04 19,184 1,633 672
FY05 7,643 1,783 620
FY06 39,567 2,588 807
FY07 5,975 2,637 742
FY08 1,063 2,467 663
FY09 18,374 3,413 1,372
FY10 6,457 3,594 890
FY11 8,528 2,996 1,107
FY12 10,972 3,344 855
FY13 10,661 3,830 922 96
FY14 11,712 3,695 1,364 121
FY15 6,149 3,472 890 75
TOTAL 257,642 37,041 11,715

Request Rate = 1.36%

Business - Request Rate - FY15


Business - Accessions - FY15
Business - Requests - FY15
Business - Deliveries - FY15
Business - EDD - FY15

ReCAP-Related Projects at Business Library

Business Library Clean-up Project (July 2010 - ongoing)

  • Primary goals
    1. Resolve all remaining leftover smart barcodes from previous phases of ReCAP transfer.
    2. Resolve all items with CLIO location bus,anx2.
    3. Resolve all items that were charged to a MATOB status patron [COMPLETED 7/2010].
  • Secondary goals
    Collect accurate statistics; improve bibliographic control of Business Library collections; transfer 2,000-3,000 books to ReCAP; collaborate with Business Library staff to solve bibliographic problems.
  • Other goals 
    Assist with inventory of Business Reference in preparation for future transfers to ReCAP; track progress on "Business Library and ReCAP" website.
  • History
    Smart barcoding at Business Library has progressed through several phases: 2002 (CU5), 2004/2005 (CU6) and 2008/2009 (CU6).  All items published more than 15 years ago are candidates for transfer.  Staff was assigned to match bibliographic information (call number and title) on the smart barcode to physical volumes.  Titles not found on the shelf were marked with "O" or "Ø".  Other notation includes "M" and "D".  Items charged to the status patron (BUSMSBC001) are called MATOBs (MATOB = Missing At Time Of Barcoding).
  • Business Library staff took subsequent ad hoc actions to resolve problematic titles.  CUL's ReCAP Coordinator leads project to systematicly resolve all leftover smart barcodes and MATOBs at CUL.
  • Staffing
    One part-time student employee (10-15 hrs/week); professional and support staff input (2-3 hrs/week)


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542