Lehman Library

General Collections

Lehman Library has transfered collections to ReCAP since July 2007.  Collections include mainly printed monographs published since 1990.  All phases of transfer involve dumb barcodes.  It has one CLIO location assigned for off-site collections:

  • off,docs : general collection of circulating monographs and serials (circ)
  • off,leh : general collection of circulating monographs and serials (circ)
  • off,les : special collection of non-circulating serials (noncirc)

Lehman Library collections correspond to a single customer code:

  • CU : allow delivery to all CUL and ReCAP partner libraries

Stop code LE is used for delivery to Lehman Circulation Desk.

On the annual (estimated) ReCAP quotas, Lehman is typically allocated [10,000] items.


CLIO Displays

  • off,docs
    Display "Offsite" matches other, circulating collections that have CU barcodes.
  • off,leh
    Display "Offsite" matches other, circulating collections that have CU barcodes.
  • off,les
    Used for non-circulating serials.  Display "Offsite (Non-Circ)."

Post-Soviet Nationalities Collections

Classification system is 3- or 4-letter code followed by a five digit accession number.  For more information see website SNC Collection.  Many works are printed in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Other notes

Language and place of publication are of high interest to selectors.  Produced individualized reports of usage rates by language and high-use titles.  Selectors select titles for several campus locations.  Role encompasses campus-wide collections.

Selectors had interest in distinguishing campus requests from ILL/BD.  Less likely to have digital surrogate because of language.



  • Lehman Circulation Data (.pptx) : Updated through FY13.  Summary of circulation activity of Lehman collections and the Lehman happening location, including system-wide data.  Primarily concerned with on-campus collections.

ReCAP Data


  • Accessions
    Lehman-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility.
  • Requests
    Total items requested from Lehman-owned collections at ReCAP.
  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the Lehman Circulation Desk.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only Lehman-owned.
  • EDD
    Total number of EDD (electronic document delivery) requests for Lehman collections.  A subset of total "Requests."

Primary Statistics

  Accessions Requests Deliveries EDD
FY02 134 1 87 0
FY03 13,805 39 298 1
FY04 8,542 182 988 11
FY05 59,642 558 1,499 12
FY06 2,385 921 1,306 27
FY07 31,273 2,914 2,691 70
FY08 60,187 3,893 2,621 102
FY09 34,353
5,845 3,338
FY10 12,581 5,581 3,335 87
FY11 31,639 5,585 3,909 85
FY12 10,019 5,560 3,403 99
FY13 5,350 5,178 3,104 115
TOTAL 269,910 36,257 26,579 787

Retrieval Rate = 1.94%




ReCAP User Inquiry Alias: recap@library.columbia.edu

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542

E-mail: jll2223@columbia.edu