Restricted Access Request Form Guidelines


The Restricted Access request mechanism is designed to provide strong oversight for request of special collections.  Only authorized staff may use this mechanism.  Special collections in this category are determined solely by CLIO location.  Contact ReCAP Coordinator ( to authorize staff.  Operation of the request form requires entry of a BibKey or barcode number.

To access the request page a valid Bib ID or barcode number must be entered.  Entries must be associated with a CLIO location defined as restricted.  A list of restricted CLIO locations is present on the request page.

Restricted CLIO Locations
off,avda off,oral
off,avr off,prd
off,dic off,rbms
off,ear off,rbx
off,far off,uacl
off,hsar off,uta

For example, a book from circulating collection off,glx may not be requested via the Restricted Access mechanism.  Likewise, restricted CLIO locations may not be requested via the regular Mediated Request.

  • EDD request is not allowed for all collections.  The option for EDD is always available on request form. If EDD is not allowed, failure notice will be sent.
  • Requests via Restricted Access are logged in rus.  Restricted Access requests can be identified using Option 2 in the rus main menu. Search by barcode or requesting UNI.

Record-keeping note

All barcodes requested via Restricted Access are placed in the local record keeping file (this is a good thing).  Department libraries often have collections not entirely entered in Voyager.  It is common for staff to use Restricted Access mechanism for collections in CLIO and the Non-CLIO mechanism for collections not in CLIO.  See the Non-CLIO Item Request Form Guidelines for more detail on how use of Non-CLIO may cause record keeping problems.


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542