Request Failures: EDD

EDD requests may fail in several ways.

  • EDD Failure Data : Since July 2008, ReCAP staff have been tracking statistics for the different categories of EDD request failure.  Monthly counts are listed by category. 

CUL staff are alerted to EDD request failures in two different ways, depending on the type of failure.

1. Incorrect citation failures

Incorrect citation failures are resolved with an email sent to CUL staff alias  This e-mail contains a link and password to access the request receipt.  Staff check the default pick up location (Def PickUp Loc) and will forward along to department staff according to the contact list.  For record keeping the ReCAP Coordinator save the receipt pdf locally.  Currently, HSL Coordinator resolves all HSL failed EDD requests; ReCAP Coordinator routes all others (December 2009).

  • Staff follows the links and uses the password to access failed request receipt.
  • Open most recent entry.  All previously resolved receipts may be removed.
  • Check default delivery location (Def PickUp Loc) to identify owning library.  Forward to department staff.

Standard failures notices are sent by LITO to  At least two categories apply specifically to EDD requests.  Both result from a discrepancy in the default delivery location.

2. Wrong ILL mechanism

Wrong ILL mechanism used by staff.  If HSL staff use the "Morningside ILL" request mechanism, the default delivery location will be set to "CI."  For more information follow link to information above.

3. Duplicate holdings in CLIO

If there is more than one off-site holding in CLIO, a failure may result.  The request system was designed for a single-holding model.  When multiple holdings have different access permissions, the default delivery location valid for one may not be for the other.  Failure may result when one holding is restricted and the other unrestricted (e.g. AV/CUor HR/CU).  For more information see Scenario 1: EDD under Duplicate Holding Failures.