Request Failures: CLIO Location/Customer Code Mismatch

This type of request failure results from a mis-match of CLIO location and customer code.  These encoding features are used in separate databases: CLIO and LAS.  Ideally, no single CLIO location should be accessioned under more than one customer code.

Failures of this type are rare.  They occur for one of three reasons: 

  1. customer code corresponding to CLIO locations which load different delivery options in the drop-down menu (Business Library customer code BS, in particular)
  2. a mistake was made during the accession process at ReCAP and the wrong customer code was assigned to the item or
  3. error in the customer code table.  Solutions involve making corrections in either CUL or ReCAP systems.

Business Library: BS/CU with off,bus


Business Library has accessioned collections assigned to CLIO location off,bus with both BS and CU customer codes.

off,bus loads all campus delivery locations in the drop-down menu.  Customer code BS is only authorized to deliver to "Business Library."  If any other option is chosen, the request will fail.

  • Temporary solution
    Request barcode using the Non-CLIO request mechanism.  Do not use the Mediated Request form because the barcode is logged in a local file as recently requested, preventing re-request.
  • Permanent solution
    Reassign all BS-barcoded to new CLIO location (e.g. off,busn) with restricted drop-down options.

Accession Error


This failure occurs when ReCAP mistakenly accessions an item with the wrong customer code.  It can be detected by comparing customer code and barcode prefix.  A mismatch between customer code and barcode prefix indicates an accession error. 

This type of failure resembles a duplicate holdings failure, except that the associated barcode-prefix does not match the assigned customer code.

  • Problem solved by retrieving item, permanently withdrawing the barcode and re-accessioning with the correct customer code.  See option 6. Customer code change.
  • Pre-emptive problem solving: This type of failure can be averted by routinely checking CUL accession data for customer code/CLIO location mismatch.

Stop Code Transition


For a single day in January 2009, a few requests failed during the transition from AV to AR as the stop code for Avery Circulation Desk.


Stop code BL had mistakenly been removed from the permitted delivery locations for customer code HS.  The delivery locations loading from off,hsl included Biology Library (BL); BL was missing from HS in the customer code table. 

  • Problem solved by ReCAP updating customer code/stop code table.


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