Nigeria: Online News

  • Africa Business Information Services (AfBIS, Shropshire, UK)
    Current business news on Africa--with an emphasis on Nigeria. The sources for the news are Nigerian publications, such as The Vanguard and Newswatch. "Africa Business Information Services (AfBIS), an independent private organisation, was formed in 1998 to provide a source of information on African economies..."
    See especially: "Africa Economic Analysis" (2008) for historical news analysis and commentary.
  • AllAfrica.Com: Recent News Summaries on Nigeria (AllAfrica Global Media, Inc., Washington, DC)
    Current and recent news briefs in English or French from Nigerian newspapers, other West African news services, the Pan African News Agency (PANA), and UN news agencies. Warning: news articles older than 30 days can only be accessed with a paid subscription.
    --See also: turenchi below.
  • BBC News: Nigeria Country Profile (2013)
  • Business day. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: BusinessDAY Media Ltd., 2005-
    The online version of the daily business newspaper, with feature reports from the last 20 days only.
  • Business world. (Online) -- Lagos; Abuja: Businessworld Communications, Ltd., 2006-
    The electronic version of a weekly financial newspaper from Nigeria, with current news stories and selected feature articles for the last year.
  • Champion, The. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: Champion Newspapers Ltd., 2001--
    This website offers the electronic version of the current daily newspaper, including the Saturday and Sunday editions. Access to the back issues archive requires a subscription.
  • Daily independent. (Online) -- Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria: Independent Newspapers Ltd., 2001--
    ***As of February 2012, this title is temporarily offline!
    The current issue of the electronic newspaper from Nigeria; with a searchable archive of back issues since February 2006.
  • Daily sun, The. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: The Sun News Online, 2003-
    Nigeria's King of the Tabloids: the online version of the current issue. The archives for the back issues of the daily newspaper are often inaccessible. See also, the Saturday and Sunday editions.
  • Elections in Nigeria 2011 and earlier (via Columbia University Libraries)
  • Gamji.Com -- The Triumph (Kano, Nigeria; via USA?)
    Current news reports from Gamji.Com in Nigeria and a variety of other Nigerian news sources -- including Vanguard, This Day, New Nigerian Newspapers Ltd. of Kaduna; plus opinion pieces and news analysis from Nigerians (scholars and others) worldwide.
  • Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo. (Online) -- Kaduna, Nigeria: New Nigerian Newspapers Ltd., 2005-
    The online edition of the Hausa version of the New Nigerian, a daily newspaper, with current news and selected older articles.
  • Guardian, The. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: The Guardian; via Microcom Systems, Ltd., 1998-
    The current issue of this independent newspaper. Note: a subscription is required to access the "previous issues" archive.
  • IRIN: Integrated Regional Information Networks on Nigeria (See UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs below)
  • Kilima.Com News on Nigeria (United Kingdom)
    A small collection of recent news reports from a variety of sources, books for sale on eBay and elsewhere, and links to web sites on contemporary Nigeria.
  • Leadership. (Online) -- Abuja, Nigeria: Leadership, 2010-
    The electronic version of a daily "national" newspaper, with current news and articles from the previous week; plus links to other Nigerian electronic newspapers and other online news sources.
  • Media Rights Agenda (Lagos, Nigeria)
    "MRA was established in August 1993 as an independent, non-governmental organisation for the purpose, among other things, of promoting and protecting press freedom and freedom of expression in Nigeria." See especially:
    -- Publications, 1997 to present
  • Nation, The. (Online) -- Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria: Vintage Press Ltd., 2006-
    The electronic version of the daily newspaper from Nigeria, with selected current and recent news stories; plus a searchable archive from August 2006.
  • National daily newspaper. (Online) -- Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria: Paradigm Communications, Ltd., 2006-
    The electronic version of a daily newspaper, with current and recent news articles and commentaries. Warning: the date of publication for individual articles is not displayed.

  • New Nigerian. (Online) -- Kaduna: New Nigerian Newspapers Ltd., 2005-
    The online edition of this Nigerian daily newspaper, with links to the some weekend issues and the Hausa version, Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo. The site includes a selection of older articles under special sections since 2007.
  • New Nigerian Politics (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Since 2007, an independent online portal for Nigerian political news and commentary.
  • News, The. (Online) -- Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria: Independent Communications Network Ltd., 2009-
    The electronic version of a weekly news magazine, featuring reports and interviews, with selected articles since September 2009.

  • Newswatch. (Online). -- Lagos, Nigeria: Newswatch Communications, Ltd., 1998-
    This is the electronic version of the popular weekly news magazine featuring current and recent news articles. Selected older news articles are also accessible without charge, but the full archive of back issues is available only with a subscription.
  • Next. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: Timbuktu Media, 2009-
    Selected news stories, analyses, book reviews, arts reviews, and opinions are offered by this daily electronic newspaper from Nigeria, also available as a weekly print publication, Next on Sunday, in Nigeria, the UK, and the USA.
  • Nigeria Football Federation -- Official Website(Abuja)
  • Nigerian compass. (Online) -- Isheri, Ogun State, Nigeria: Nigerian Compass, 2009-
    This site offers the electronic version of the daily and weekend Nigerian newspaper, with an archive of articles for the last 2 months only.
  • Nigerian observer, The. (Online) Including The Sunday Observer. -- Benin City, Bendel State, Nigeria: Bendel Newspapers Co., Ltd., 2008-
    This site features the electronic version of this daily newspaper, published since May 1968. The searchable archive of selected articles covers the period 2008 to present.
  • Nigerian pilot. (Online) -- Abuja ; Lagos, Nigeria ; London, UK: DOM Communications, 2010-
    The electronic version of this daily Nigerian newspaper, with back issue articles since December 2010.
  • Nigerian tribune. (Online) -- [Ibadan, Nigeria]: African Newspapers of Nigeria, Plc., 2005-
    The current electronic issue is available at this site, with an archive of back issues from the last two weeks only.

  • Punch, The. (Online) -- Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria: The Punch, c2006-
    The site features the online version of this Nigerian daily newspaper, with full access to articles from the current issue and the past 7 days only.
  • Radio Abeokuta (Nigeria)
    The website for a regional radio station, with news, music files, and culture links.
  • Realnews. (Online) -- Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria: RealNews, 2012-
    "[Realnews,] a general interest magazine, is an online publication which thrives on investigative journalism." The site includes back issue news stories since November 2012.
  • Sahara reporters (New York, USA; Lagos, Nigeria)
    " online community of international reporters and social advocates dedicated to bringing you commentaries, features, news reports from a Nigerian-African perspective."
  • The Nigerian Voice TNV (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Begun in August 2005, this portal site offers current and recent online news from various Nigerian and international sources.
  • This Day. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria: Leaders & Company, Ltd., 2001--
    The electronic version of this daily Nigerian newspaper, with current issue and recent back issues.
  • Times of Nigeria, The. (Online) -- United States: New Generation Media, Inc., 2005-
    An online newspaper with current ("real time") and recent news from Nigeria, Africa, and the Nigerian diaspora.

  • turenchi -- Nigerian News (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Current daily news on Nigeria from major Nigerian newspapers and Reuters newswire services.

  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: IRIN--Integrated Regional Information Networks on Nigeria (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Vanguard. (Online) -- Lagos, Nigeria : Vanguard Media Ltd., 1998-
    Current and the preceding week's issues of the online version of the Nigerian daily newspaper (originally launched in 1984); plus links to general African and Nigerian business news.
  • Voice of Nigeria (Abuja, Nigeria)
    The official homepage of the government radio information service.