About the Films

In order to promote communication between Chinese and American film and culture circles, eight excellent Chinese movies will be shown in the Lincoln Center and graduate-student seminars will be held with invited experts and scholars at Columbia University.

Film audience with Columbia ID have $9 affiliate rate on line or at the box office of the Lincoln Center.

The Founding of a Republic


Directors: Han Sanping, Huang Jianxin
Starring: Tag Guoqiang, Zhang Guoli

The Founding of a Republic is based on 1940's China, after China's victory over Japan and the establishment of People's Republic of China. The movie recreates the historical events of the birth and establishment of multi-party cooperation and political counsel by the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In the struggles against Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang dictatorship, the CCP and the Chinese democratic parties worked together, in unity, for the establishment of a multi-party cooperative and political consultation system. Together, they experienced twists and turns until their final, glorious victory.

Ocean Heaven


Director: Xue Xiaolu
Starring: Jet Li, Wen Zhang, Kwai Lunmei

Wang Xincheng (Jet Li) is the father of a 21-year-old autistic patient, Dafu, who is dependent on him. Their peaceful life is interrupted by Wang Xincheng's terminal illness.  The seriously ill father must attempt to teach his son necessary life skills to help him survive on his own.

The Blue Knight


Director: Zhuo Gehe
Starring: Qina Ritu

Ta Sa, a shepherd girl, is in love with Ni Gelai, who is not a shepherd. Her father strongly disapproves of her relationship. The lovers' secret is told to the father by Ta Sa's younger brother, Ba Le'er. Ta Sa eventually marries a shepherd. Ten years later, the grown-up Ba Le'er yearns to see the outside world. His sister supports him, but his mother betrays him. The father gets on his horse and chases his son, not to stop him, but to give his horse to Ba Le'er with his blessing. The father expresses deep apologies to his daughter. Looking at her old father, Ta Sa cries and forgives him.

Crazy Racer


Director: Ning Hao
Starring: Huang Bo, Jiu Kong, Rong Xiang

Li Fala is a dishonest businessman, who hires a hit man to assassinate his wife, but another person later bribes the hit man. Donghai is a mafia boss who sells drugs along with his three henchmen. Geng Hao and Zhang Ting are race car drivers who win the first two prizes in a big race. Geng Hao wins a silver medal and is disappointed. All these groups of people somehow end up involved in a mysterious case.

The Piano in a Factory


Director: Zhang Meng
Starring: Wang Qianyuan, Qin Hailu, Jang Shin-yeong

To win custody of his daughter who loves playing the piano, a steel worker decides to forge a piano from scratch with his friends' help. The movie is full of the humor and hardship of the lives of ordinary people. It's a story of infinite, touching love between families and friends.

Eternal Moment


Director: Zhang Yibai
Starring: Li Yapeng, Xu Jinglei, Wang Xuebing

The movie is divided into three sections, presenting three different courses the lives of Yang Zheng and Wenhui, college lovers, might have taken 12 years after graduation.

Part 1: In Beijing, Yang Zheng and Wenhui have been married for years. Yang Zheng has fulfilled his promises about material life, but the couple's hearts have drifted away from each other.
Part 2: Yang Zheng became an auto mechanic and Wenhui a salesperson. Yang is divorcing his wife and Wenhui is a single mother with twins. At a class reunion , urged by their classmates, they walk closer to each other...
Part 3: Late at night, Yang Zheng receives Wenhui's telephone call from overseas. She sings a Birthday Song to him as she cries. Yang Zheng decides to find her in France. In Bordeaux, Yang Zheng realizes that Wen Hui hasn't come to welcome him, but to pick up a young girl. Yang Zheng gradually discovers the source of Wenhui's pain.



Director: Shirzati Jahpu
Starring: Ruza Dawliti, Fadiha Malik, Alimujang Turspak

Flower tells a beautiful story presented by Aitys, a Kazakh folk music performance about life on the grassland. Flower is a singer, who is kind, smart and strong. The story is about Flower's life, struggles and feelings.

Bodyguards and Assassins


Director: Teddy Chen
Starring: Donnie Yan, Wang Xueqin, Nicolas Tse, Leo Lai, Fan Bingbing

October 15th, 1906, Central, Hong Kong. Revolutionaries from all walks of life, such as businessmen, beggars, rickshaw drivers, students, and gamblers, shed their blood to protect Sun Yat-sen under the pressure of the Qing Dynasty and the British Government. 

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