How to Discover Full-text Journal Articles Online?

Whether you're looking for journal articles in Chinese, English, or in a different language, you may utilize the available tools and resources at the library, and try the general steps listed below.

Please note that it is possible Columbia does not currently subscribe your e-journal of interest. Though more and more Chinese journals are being made available electronically, the library may not have a journal you need.

The library keeps most recent issues of print journals in Starr Library. Older issues of print journals are sent to offsite, but articles from offsite print journals can be requested online from their Clio records; then your requested articles (if not available in a database) can be scanned and made available for you to download.

English/Western-language Journal Articles

  1. Check and search the Columbia catalog CLIO for a possible e-link.
  2. Try the University's E-Journals list.
  3. Use Citation Finder.
    Fill in the needed search information, then click to link to the full text of the article (if available in subscribed databases) or link to other options for obtaining that article. Please note that not all databases are subscribed, and not all subscribed databases are Citation Finder enabled/linked. Please note that sometimes Citation Finder may bring you back to CLIO without offering any useful search results.
  4. Use Ulrich's International Periodicals.
    Enter a Title, ISSN, or search term to find journals or other periodicals. To prevent from retrieving too many unwanted titles, please use quotations marks around your search input, or use Advanced Search. If the e- option is available, click on the targeted record marked with "e", then go to "Online Availability" to see what databases contain the title. Then use Columbia University Libraries Databases to locate and open the database name listed under the "Online Availability".
  5. Ask the librarian.

Chinese-language Journal Articles

  1. Search the China Academic Journals full-text database.

    Its integrated platform includes the Century Journals Project database and Century Journals Social Sciences. The three databases of China Academic Journals, Century Journals Project and Century Journals Social Sciences shall cover journals from their earliest issue to their current issue. China Academic Journals should include all, but for a few titles one has to search Century Journals Project and Century Journals Social Sciences respectively.

  2. Search CEPS (Chinese Electronic Periodical Services), which Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services, and Wanfang Data - China Online Journals.

    CEPS and Wanfang cover mainland Chinese and Taiwanese journal articles. Please note: Wanfang covers journal contents from the 1990s.

  3. Search Quan guo bao kan suo yin 全国报刊索引数据库, which contains on the same platform Wan Qing qi kan quan wen shu ju ku (Late Qing Dynasty Periodical Full text Database) (1833-1911) 晚清期刊全文数据库 and Minguo shi qi qi kan quan wen (Republican Period Chinese Periodical Full-text Database) (1911-1949) 民国时期期刊全文 if the targeted titles are of 1833-1949. The downloadable PDF options are automatically displayed.

    For those found articles without downloadable option, and after searching, found not in the holdings of Columbia and other North American libraries, full texts of requested articles can be delivered from Shanghai Library to you via the Library.  

    One may also try Han tang jin dai bao kan 瀚堂近代報刊Dacheng lao jiu kan quan wen shu ju ku 大成老旧刊全文数据库 and CADAL (China Academic Digital Associative Library) 高等学校中英文图书数字化国际合作计划. CADAL may have unexpected access issues.

  4. Search the library catalog CLIO.

    Check to see if Columbia holds the needed journal. If the journal is stored off-site, you may request a digital copy of the needed article.

  5. Ask the librarian.

Chengzhi Wang, Ph.D.
Chinese Studies Librarian
307M Kent Hall
(212) 854-3721