Electronic Resources

This list including Korean full-text databases, e-books displays subscription-based e-resources that are purchased by the C.V Starr East Asian Library and are specifically selected to serve the needs of faculty, staff and students of Columbia University. To access the e-resources, patrons need a CUIT account (UNI and password). Some of the resources may need to use computers with CU IP addresses. Please contact the Korean Studies librarian If you have any problems or if you are unable to connect to the following e-resources.

Online Subscription Databases

  • Books I&I (KSI 전자책)
    A database of more than 9,700 e-books in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and sciences published by Korean Studies Information. It can be searchable by title and author.
  • CNC haksul chongbo (CNC 학술정보)
    A full-text database of Korean scholarly journal articles of the humanities and social sciences to essential sciences, teaching materials, and reference materials, the foundation for cultivation of liberal arts from professional academic materials. Humanities literacy data contains a large number of representative research texts in nine fields.
  • DBPia (누리미디어 학술지)
    A full-text database including over 3,350 Korean scholarly journals published by 1,851 academic societies and research centers. The journal titles are arranged by 8 subject categories and all journals are available from the first issue. There are various search methods available.
  • E-article (학술교육원 학술지)
    A database of full-text journal articles in PDF format from 931 journals published by 626 research institutions in Korea. Its focus is more on social sciences and humanities, covering from the beginning to the most recent issue. It also includes other subjects such as engineering, pharmaceutical and medical sciences, and physical studies.
  • EncyKorea (한국 민족문화 대백과사전)
    An online version of the Korean Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia (=Han'guk minjok munhwa tae paekkwa sajon). This encyclopedia covers many subjects including cultural heritages such as art, language, society, nature, history and so on. It not only contains text, but also images, and maps.
  • Hakchisa Nyu nonmun (학지사 뉴논문)
    A database of 288 full-text journal articles in PDF format, covering from the beginning to the most recent issue. Social sciences, particularly education and psychology, are the primary focus of this database.
  • KISS (한국학술정보 학술지)
    A full-text database of 4,600 Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications, and research papers published by over 1,811 research institutions in Korea. It covers all subject areas published since 1945 and offers various search methods.
  • Korea AtoZ (동방미디어 한국학 원문)
    A collection of full-text databases on a variety of subjects related to Korean Studies. The databases are arranged into 12 categories and include primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, periodicals, newspapers, VOD lectures and other books.
  • KPM (조선언론 정보기지)
    Full text of 17 journals and 6 newspapers published in North Korea, including the English edition of the Pyongyang Times. It also includes phtos and videos. It is searchable by keywords and browsable by subject areas or journal/newspaper titles.
  • KRPia (누리미디어 한국의 지식콘텐츠)
    A collection of full-text databases offering a variety of primary sources on Korean Studies. It also includes various dictionaries and encyclopedias. They are arranged in 11 categories and each database provides access to full text as well as image files. It is keyword searchable.
  • Kyobo Scholar (교보문고 스콜라)
    A full text database including 1,225 Korean scholarly journals in Humanities, social sciences, science and so on. It can be searched by keyword, journal title, and subject.
  • LawnB (로앤비 전자법률도서관)
    A legal information portal service that provides a collection of South Korean legal materials online including law information, statues, precedents, administrative documents and statistics, academic articles, law journals, law-related news and others.
  • Moazine (전자잡지서비스)
    A full text databse of 215 Korean magazines currently published in South Korea. Back issues of most titles are available for the past 2-3 years. Each magazine is browsable and searchable to the article level.
  • NK News.org (북한관련DB)
    An independent, privately owned specialist site focused on North Korea. Content includes news, news aggregator, intelligence analysis, travel reports, and other data about North Korea. Built by North Korea specialists for professionals working on or with the subject, It also provides a range of regularly updated directories of organizations, companies, experts and practitioners working in this specialist field.
  • Riss International (학술연구정보서비스)
    A single gateway, similar to OCLCWorldCat, which allows users to find books and journals, journal articles, theses & dissertations of Korean universities, and so on. Some of the materials are available in full-text online along with abstracts. It provides the “RISS International Interlibrary Loan.        
  • Tonga Ilbo Archive (동아일보 아카이브)
    A full-text database of the Tonga (=Donga) Daily Newspaper Archives from its beginning issue in 1920 to the present in PDF format. The database is searchable by keyword, journalist, date and so on.

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