Eritrea: General Resources, the Internet, & Online News

  • Awate.Com (Awate Foundation, San Jose, California)
    An English-language, news bulletin board, with opinion articles and some documents in Tigrinya --- mostly reflecting viewpoints in political opposition to the current government in Asmara; with an extensive list of links to other Eritrean diaspora web sites.
  • BBC World Service on Eritrea (London, UK)
  • Country Profile: Eritrea (2005) (United States, Library of Congress, Federal Research Division, Washington, DC) PDF format
  • Dehai Eritrea Online (Eritrean Community Online Network, USA)
    A web site organized by Eritreans in the U.S.; includes an archive of e-mail discussions, including back issues of the weekly newsletter, "Eritrea Profile" and an online archive of opinion pieces on the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict; plus: a youth newsletter, Eritrean-American community events, and information about Eritrea.
  • Djibnet.Com (France)
    Un portail bilingue (français et anglais) avec beaucoup des informations concernant la Corne de l'Afrique (Djibouti, Somalia/Somaliland, Ethiopia, Eritrea), y compris les actualités brèves, les arts, les économies, et les pages personnelles.
  • Eritrea-Ethiopia Conflict, 1998-2000--News Archives: see also, "Eritrea--Politics, Conflict, and Economic Development." (Compiled by Columbia University Libraries)
  • Eritrea profile. (Online) -- Asmara: Eritrea Profile, via Shabait, Eritrean Ministry of Information, 2005-
    The last 60 days of the electronic version of this government-supported English language newspaper.
  • Eritrea Web Page (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Le Monde Diplomatique Archives: Erythrée, 2000-
    De plus, rechercher << Erythrée >> dans les archives.
  • National Information and Communications Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in Africa: Eritrea, 1999 (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
    General background, Internet connectivity data, and project information.
  • Les Nouvelles.Org: Ethiopie, corne de l'Afrique, mer Rouge (Les Nouvelles d'Addis, Montmirail, France)
    Le site Web du journal bimestriel d'informations générales dédié à l'Ethiopie et à la corne de l'Afrique. Le site offre les depêches des médias et une archive des articles depuis 2002 sur l'Ethiopie et la région de l'Afrique de l'Est...en plus des actualités culturelles pour la diaspora surtout en Amérique et en France.
  • (Eritrea. Ministry of Information, Asmara)
    The official news agency of the Eritrean government in English. See also: Haddas Ertra, Eritrea Alhaditha, Eritrea Profile--recent issues of local newspapers in Tigrinya, Arabic, and English in PDF format.
  • United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: ReliefWeb on Eritrea (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Current and breaking news stories on Eritrea. Sources include UN agencies, Agence France Presse, Reuters, Oxfam, Pan African News Agency, and other services.
  • United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook: Eritrea (2019)