Uganda: Education, History, Culture, & Languages

  • Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
    "Founded in 2002, Afriart Gallery has since become a leading contemporary art gallery in Africa with a presence in two locations in Kampala. The gallery focuses on original forms of expression and dialogue with the public."
    --See especially: Exhibitions
  • Africa Portal Library (A project of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; South African Institute of International Affairs, Johannesburg, South Africa)
    A digital library of over 5000 books, journals, and documents related to African policy issues; a directory of experts; plus, current news analysis and opinion articles.
  • African Writers Trust (London, UK; Kampala, Uganda)
    "Established in 2009, African Writers Trust is a non-profit body, which coordinates and brings together African writers in the Diaspora and their counterparts on the continent to promote mutual sharing of skills and other resources, and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups."
  • AfriChild Centre--Research Publications on Uganda (Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda)
    The website offers information about the activities of the centre, and includes downloadable reports and policy documents on child well-being in Uganda. 
  • Ateso Grammar: A Descriptive Account of an Eastern Nilotic Language. By David Barasa. Ph.D. thesis. University of Cape Town, Department of Linguistics. (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • "A bibliography of Karamoja, Uganda: books and articles published in English," by Michael D. Quam (1999). Electronic journal of Africana bibliography ; no. 5. -- Iowa City : University of Iowa Libraries, 1999.
  • National Book Trust of Uganda (NABOTU)--Facebook Page (Kampala, Uganda)
  • Buganda Home Page (Mukasa E. Ssemakula, Wayne State University, Ohio)
  • Bukedde. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: New Vision Printing & Publishing Corporation, 2000 -
    Current daily issue in Luganda and a searchable archive -- since 2000 -- of the electronic version of this government-run newspaper.
  • Campus journal, The. (Online)--Archive, 2012-2015. -- Kampala, Uganda: s.n., 2012-2015.
    "...Far from specialising in educational affairs as its name may suggest, The Campus Journal is a collection of run-after stories and insightful analyses on all issues of human interest."
  • Centre for Basic Research (2016) (Kampala, Uganda)
    The CBR website provides detailed information on the various research projects and activities of the centre. "Centre for Basic Research (CBR) was established in 1988 as an educational generate and disseminate knowledge by conducting basic and applied research of social, economic and political significance to Uganda in particular and Africa in general, so as to influence policy, raise consciousness and improve quality of life."
  • Commonwealth Writers: 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize Winner -- Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi (London, UK)
  • Derek R. Peterson: Archive Catalogues (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
    From the personal website of the American historian of colonial Kenya and colonial Uganda at the University of Michigan, this web page offers a summary of Peterson's activities in Uganda and features the downloadable copies of catalogues of the archives of the Ugandan government, including: Provincial Papers, Office of the President, Elections, and Public Works Department collections at the Uganda National Archives; and, the Tooro Kingdom ; District Archives of Kabarole, Hoima, Kabale, and Jinja, etc., some held at the Mountains of the Moon University
  • East African Book Development Association (Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Global Music Archive, Vanderbilt University Libraries Anne Potter Wilson Music Library (Nashville, Tennessee)
    "The Global Music Archive is a multi-media archive and resource center for traditional and popular song, music, and dance of Africa and North and South America, with particular emphasis on the African Diaspora." The web site features a searchable database of the holdings of the digital collection of "East African recordings" (mostly Ugandan), streaming access to the recordings, a short bibliography, and a few related paper presentations.  The archive has an on-going collection-fieldwork component in Uganda--"under the direction of Mr. Centurio Balikoowa, one of East Africa's most respected musicians of traditional Ugandan musical performance."
    --See also: Papers
  • History in Progress Uganda (Andrea Stultiens, The Hague, The Netherlands; Canon Griffin, Kampala, Uganda)
    An open access digital gallery of photographs from and about Uganda over the last century. "HIPUganda collects photographs by digitising them. Originals stay where they are. By sharing the photographs online HIPUganda opens up the possibility to relate to, respond to, and think about how Uganda’s history is (and is not) available in photographs...These collections include colonial archives and personal collections, images made in a professional context that could range from photojournalism to anthropology, the content of shoeboxes and albums, photographs made by Ugandan and non Ugandan professionals and amateurs."
  • International Bureau of Education = Bureau de l'Education International: Uganda (UNESCO, Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Inter-University Council for East Africa (Kampala, Uganda)
    [Founded in 1980 and incorporated in 2009 into the East African Community operational framework] the IUCEA has many goals; among the most important are to: enhance university support systems by developing, promoting and supporting student and staff exchange programmes; enhance curriculum development strategies and university leadership skills and competences; mainstream ICT into institutional core functions and general support operations; strengthen research support to universities; strengthen higher education quality assurance processes; and, establish a regional education research repository..."
  • Jonathan L. Earle: Resources on Uganda (Danville, Kentucky)
    From the personal website of the American historian of colonial Buganda and Uganda at Centre College, this web page provides links to a wide variety of guides to primary resources on Ugandan and modern East African history.
  • Kampala Art Biennale, October 28-November 15, 2020--"Get Up! Stand Up!" (Kampala Arts Trust, Kampala, Uganda)
    "For KAB20, Simon Njami has decided to invite 7 internationally renown artists to open their studios in Kampala to young Ugandan, East African, African and international artists."  The site features information about the forthcoming events, the internatonal African curatorial team, and the organization of previous biennales, including short video interviews.
  • Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom, Kampala, Uganda UNESCO World Heritage Site
    (Kabaka Foundation, Kampala, Uganda)
    This site offers a photo gallery, illustrations, and historical summaries on the royal tombs.
    See also:
    --Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi, official site for UNESCO World Heritage (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Kituo Cha Katiba -- East African Centre for Constitutional Development (Faculty of Law, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda)
    • The site provides general information about the centre's programmes, as well as an archive of legal documents and instruments, a list of cases pending in Uganda, a list of holdings in the centre's library, maps, other related information.
    • National laws -and- Constitutions of eastern Africa
    • Ugandan constitutional cases
  • Luganda
  • MusicUganda.Com (Paul Mwandha et al., Music Uganda, Ltd., Kampala, Uganda)
    This website features popular music industry news, photographs, music reviews, and related links for Uganda and Africa in general.
  • National Library of Uganda (Kampala)
  • Nyaka  (East Lansing, Michigan; Kampala, Uganda)
    Formerly Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, founded in 2001 by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri: The official web site of a community-based project with a wholistic approach to education for children and their families in southwestern Uganda. "To provide a high-quality, free education, both formal and informal, to children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS in order to counteract pervasive hunger, poverty and systemic deprivation."
  • Republic of Uganda: Ministry of Education and Sport (Kampala)
  • SCECSAL--Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations: XXIII SCECSAL Conference, April 23-28, 2018, Entebbe, Uganda [Papers]
    Hosted by the Uganda Library and Information Association
    --See also: SCECSAL Home Page
  • Start : a journal of arts and culture. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: Kampala Arts Trust, 2007-
    The web site includes the archive of back issues since October 2007. "Start has been published four times as a printed magazine between 2007 and 2010, and has been online since December 2010. The website publishes thematic editions filled with special analysis, art critiques, artist interviews and other stories about the arts and culture scene in Kampala and beyond."

  • Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Kampala, Uganda)
    This official website includes a wealth of information about the activities of the bureau, links to web sites of several government ministries, and recent government statistics in HTML format, including the 2002 Census, information on education, health, labor, energy, migration, etc. In addition, the site includes a databank, with downloadable statistics in EXCEL format.
  • UgCLA--Uganda Community Libraries Association (Kampala, Uganda)
    "...registered as an NGO in 2007 and currently organizes more than 100 libraries..."
  • The Uganda Society (Kampala, Uganda ; via the University of Pennsylvania African Studies Center, Philadelphia)
    • Originally founded in 1923, in existence for a half century until the 1980s, and finally revived in 1994, the society has always sought to play a prominent role in scientific research and other scholarly pursuits in Uganda. It's main publication: The Uganda Journal.
    • The Uganda Society Newsletter. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda : The Society ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : The University of Pennsylvania African Studies Center, 1995-
    • About the Uganda Society Library
  • Uganda Youth Development Link (Kampala, Uganda)
    " NGO that works with youths aged 10–24 years who are vulnerable to exploitation and at risk to HIV/AIDs infection. Mission to Enhance socio-economic transformation of disadvantaged young people through advocacy, psychosocial and skills development for self–reliance and reintegration."
    --See especially: UYDL Reports
  • University of Cambridge : African Studies Library, Archives and Special Collections (Cambridge, UK)
    The archival collections on Africa at Cambridge include selected issues of the Church Missionary Intelligencer, Donald Anthony Low Papers (esp. Uganda), Mary Margaret Louise Pirouet Papers (esp. Uganda), Audrey Richards Papers (East and Southern Africa), and Eridadi M.K. Mulira Papers (Uganda). This web site offers finding aids for each of these collections, digitized versions of the CM Intelligencer, as well as the Richards and Mulira papers, and links to other Africa-related distinctive materials discoverable through the university library's catalog.
  • Universities in Uganda