Music & Dance of Africa

  • Yacub Addy: Ga Drum Music of Ghana. (New York)
    An illustrated website, with audio files from recordings and photos, about the artist Yacub Addy and his group Odadaa. Addy teaches at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. The site includes detailed summaries on Ga drums and music of Ghana.
  • Africa No.1 -- Radio africaine (Paris, France ; Libreville, Gabon)
  • Africanhiphop.Com -- Pan African Hip Hop (Madunia African Music, De Bilt, The Netherlands)
    In English or French. Current news, interviews, lyrics, multi-media files, and promotional information on the latest artists and their work in African 'hip hop' culture. 'This web site, originally called 'Rumba-Kali' was initiated in February 1997 as a platform for information and discussion on hip hop from the African continent.'   
    --See also: Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa below
  • African Music and Dance (2003) (C.K. Ladzekpo, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Berkeley; via Richard Hodges)
    This archived site offers information (with image, sound, and video files) on the musical traditions of the Ewe of Ghana, and of other West African societies. There are also descriptions of programs at UC--Berkeley.
  • African Music Archives = Archiv für die Musik Afrikas (Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johann Gutenberg, Universität Mainz, Germany)
    "...founded in 1991, contains a collection of modern African music which is unique in Germany. It includes shellacs and vinyl-records, audio- and videotapes, CD’s and DVD’s."
  • The African Music Encyclopedia (2005) (Janet Planet, USA)
  • Toshiyo Endo's African Music Home Page (via Laboratory of Biochemistry, Nagoya University, Japan)
    A small library of discographies for musical stars and bands from Nigeria and Senegal.
  • African Musical Arts, Inc. (St. Louis, Missouri)
    The site includes links to publications or recordings on sale, announcements about educational programs, events, a newsletter, The Voice of African Music, and related links. "[Formerly 'The St. Louis African Chorus']...was founded to foster a better understanding of Africa's cultures through the musical arts...begun in 1994."
  • African Presences I : Music in Africa (Prof. Eric Charry, Wesleyan University, Middleton, Connecticut)
    • This "blog"--associated with a course taught by Prof. Charry--includes subject guides and web links to aspects of music in various parts of Africa. Listed below are links to older sites by Prof. Charry.
    • Drumming
    • Mande Music
  • Afromix: Afro-Caribbean Music (Afromix.Org, Fabrice Gaillard, Paris)
    In English, French, or Spanish. Current and some historical background on the popular music of each country in Africa, the Caribbean, & the Indian Ocean, with information on recordings of major artists; plus "Black Paris" music industry information and links to other sites.
  • AFROPOP Worldwide Home Page (World Music Productions, New York; in partnership with ARTSEDGE, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC)
    "Afropop Worldwide is PRI Public Radio International's weekly series showcasing the contemporary musical cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora in the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. Hosted by international broadcast personality Georges Collinet from Cameroon.." This site offers information about the radio program; Afropop-sponsored events and trips; and, general information about the music of Africa and the African diaspora.
  • : Hip Deep Series (World Music Productions, New York)
    "...a media project dedicated to the idea that music is a key to understanding everything...Hip Deep has been created and maintained with major support from the National Endowment for the can access the entire archive of Hip Deep radio programs, and read interviews and narratives...discographies, images, videos, and links to music and other resources."
  • Didier Awadi (1969- )
    • Didier Awadi est un co-fondateur du groupe rap sénégalais très célèbre "Positive Black Soul".
      Veuillez voir aussi: Duggy Tee ci-dessous.
    • Didier Awadi: discography
    • Radio France Internationale: Didier Awadi -- Biographie (Paris)
  • Awesome Tapes from Africa (Brian Shimkovitz, USA)
    A personal "blog" celebrating a wide variety of rare and lesser-known music recordings from Africa by an American collector. The site features free downloads (MP3 format) of selected tracks.
  • Azawan Amazigh = Musique Amazighe = Amazigh Music (Maroc?)
    Un site en français, en anglais, ou en tamazight-- qui célèbre les artistes dans le domaine de la musique amazighe de l'Afrique du Nord. Le site comprend un répertoire des musiciens avec une entrée biographique pour chaque artiste et une petite sélection des fichiers vidéos et sonores.
  • Baaba Maal on the Web
  • Francis Bebey (1929-2001)
  • Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique (via GeoCities.Com)
    An extensive archive of discographies (without audio samples) on African musical artists from all over the continent -- in English or in French. This site includes a CD shop, information about festivals, CD reviews, links to artists' websites, and monthly updates on new releases!
  • The Sahel Opera Project: "Bintou Were: A Sahel Opera" = Bintou Wéré: Un Opéra du Sahel (via Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    The official web site --in English, Dutch, or in French-- for a new international opera in two acts with music composed by Zé Manel. Wasis Diop is the artistic director and wrote the libretto with Koulsy Lamko. The opera, sung in Bambara, Malinké and Wolof, premiered in Bamako, Mali, in February 2007, performed in May 2007 in Amsterdam, and again in late October 2007 in Paris, France.
    --See also: Excerpt: Act 1 of "European premiere" (2007) (Mali Buzz TV, 2014; via
  • Black Arts Research Center (Nyack, New York)
    General information about the center, its director -- John Gray, and related links. "Founded in 1989, the Black Arts Research Center is an archival resource center dedicated to the documentation, preservation and dissemination of the African cultural legacy. Resources include some 2300 recordings, cassettes and videotapes, 1300 books and journals, 500 clippings files and a bibliographic database with more than 50,000 entries. These materials now offer one of the richest resources ever on the Black presence in the performing arts."
  • Black Composers in Classical Music (Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    "A reference guide for finding recordings, music, and information on classical music written by black composers."
  • Bokoor African Music Archives Foundation (John Collins, Accra, Ghana)
    John Collins, the renowned scholar of Ghanaian highlife and other forms of West African popular music, edits this site which features downloadable articles and books in PDF format and music clips in MP3 format. There is also details about the BAPMAF music archive first established in 1990.
  • Bongo Flava Videos: Collection of Videos from Tanzania (UK)
    This blog site features music videos and news about trends in Tanzanian hip-hop music and other forms of contemporary East African youth music with Swahili lyrics.
  • Brenda Fassie, 1964-2004
  • Capital FM - Nairobi's Best Mix of Music (Capital Group, Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya)
    The home page of the 98.4 FM radio station in Nairobi, with weekly pop music charts in East Africa, programme schedule, and other general information on the contemporary cultural scene in Nairobi.
  • The Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College (Chicago, Illinois)
    This site offers information about the Center's programs and activities.
    --See especially: Resources for researchers and teachers, including bibliographies and a discography of music by black composers.
  • Cora Connection: The Manding Music Traditions of West Africa (USA)
    The home page of a Boston-based American "world music ensemble" lead by kora player David Gilden ; plus related links on the kora, educational programs, and concerts.
    -- See also: Selected Kora Masters on the Internet
  • Djembé.com - Le Site de Référence du Tambour Djembé et de la Culture Mandingue (Laurent Solas et al., via Allaban WebSystems, France)
  • Duggy Tee -- Music Blog Skyrock (Dakar, Sénégal)
    Duggy Tee est un co-fondateur du groupe rap sénégalais très célèbre "Positive Black Soul".
    Veuillez voir aussi: Didier Awadi ci-dessus.
  • East African Music (Douglas B. Paterson, Seattle, Washington)
    Articles and discographies on the popular music of Kenya, Tanzania, and the Congo. The author of this site is a cultural anthropologist, who also has a radio program in the Seattle area.
  • Ethiopian Music and Dance Performance: Abonesh Adnew and Company, June 20, 2004 (Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, Washington, DC) RealPlayer required.
    This is an "About the Artist" web page, with a link to a full length video of the "International Refugee Day" performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Cesária Évora, 1941-2011
  • Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, 1938-1997:
  • 23rd Fès Festival of World Sacred Music: May 12-20, 2017 (Fès, Morocco)
    Features information on the artists who performed at the Festival.
    Also in French.
  • Festival International de Jazz de Saint-Louis du Sénégal (Association Saint-Louis Jazz, Dakar et Saint-Louis)
    25e Édition du Festival Saint-Louis Jazz 2017, du 24 avril au 1 mai 2017
    Sur ce site officiel du festival, on peut trouver les informations les plus utiles à propos de cet événement annuel. De plus, on peut lire des petites lectures générales sur quelques artistes qui ont donné des représentations au festival dans le passé.
    --Veuillez voir aussi: Liens à des interprétations choisis dans le passé sur --via
  • FESPAD--Festival panafricain de la danse, du 24 au 31 juillet 2010, Kigali, Rwanda
    Sous le thème "Economie créative : perspectives en Afrique = Strengthening the Pan African Creative Industries Through Entrepreneurship". Cette biennale panafricaine, a été créée en février 1998, lors de la 67e session des ministres de l'OUA.
  • Global Music Archive, Vanderbilt University Libraries Anne Potter Wilson Music Library (Nashville, Tennessee)
    "The Global Music Archive is a multi-media archive and resource center for traditional and popular song, music, and dance of Africa and North and South America, with particular emphasis on the African Diaspora." The web site features a searchable database of the holdings of the digital collection of "East African recordings" (mostly Ugandan), streaming access to the recordings, a short bibliography, and a few related paper presentations.  The archive has an on-going collection-fieldwork component in Uganda--"under the direction of Mr. Centurio Balikoowa, one of East Africa's most respected musicians of traditional Ugandan musical performance."
    --See also: Papers
  • Gnawa Stories: Mystical Musician Healers from Morocco (Rodrigo Dorfman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    A Masters' thesis project on the history and cultural traditions of the Gnawa, with maps and suggested readings in print and on the web.
  • Gumbé: ô ponto de encontro dos Guineenses -- Música da Guiné-Bissau. (Bissau)
    • Escutar Rádio Gumbé. " foi criado com o intuíto de apoiar a expansão da música da
    • Gumbé TV
    • Lista dos artistas guineenses
    • Links
  • Hip Deep Series: A media project from  (New York)
  • Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa : African by Nature (Department of African Studies, Howard University, Washington, DC)
    "The blog [and podcast series] is currently being maintained and updated by students in the Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa course in the African Studies Department at Howard University. We also host a monthly podcast on social issues and hip hop. That podcast features interviews and music from around Africa."
    --See especially: Podcasts (iTunes format)
  • Kezira : Music in the Horn of Africa (Professor Andreas Wetter, Department of African Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany)
    A blog site --in German and in English-- offering commentary, web links, and a selection of audio files of contemporary music from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Sudan, with brief descriptions, a bibliography on the literature about music from the Horn of Africa.
  • ILAM--International Library of African Music, Rhodes University (Grahamstown, South Africa)
    The site includes information about research and teaching programs, related links, and publications--including: African music journal. (Online), 1954-2008."Founded in 1954 by Hugh Tracey, ILAM is the greatest repository of African music in the world. A research institution devoted to the study of music and oral arts in Africa, it preserves thousands of historical recordings going back to 1929 and supports contemporary fieldwork."
  • Jens Finke's Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya (Olhão, Portugal)
    An extensive collection of texts, bibliographies, and links to information about the history, cultures, and "traditional" music of up to 32 different cultural groups ("tribes") in Kenya, with a clickable map and audio files (excerpted from cassette tapes recorded or purchased in the country during 1998-99). The author is a traveller, photographer, and author.
  • Jomba 2017: 19th Annual Contemporary Dance Experience, August 23--September 3, 2017, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban (Centre for Creative Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)
  • Salif Keita on the Web
  • KenyanLyrics.Com (Laini Majani Investments, Nairobi, Kenya)
    This site features an extensive library of lyrics of Kenyan popular contemporary music (in English, Kiswahili, Sheng dialect, and other African languages--many with English translations), music industry news, blog section, biographies of Kenyan musical artists, and links to audio and video clips.
  • Koffi Olomide
    • Koffi Olomide -- Biography (Pan African AllStars, College Park, Georgia)
      Commercial site: A biographical sketch of this very popular musical artist and his band from the Democratic Republic of Congo, with discography.
    • Koffi Olomide in New York--2001 Interview (AfricaSounds.Com, USA)
  • Kora Awards -- All Africa Music Awards -- Les trophées de la musique africaine (Calabar, Nigeria)
  • Selected Kora Masters on the Internet
  • Balla Kouyaté -- West African Music -- Balafon (New York)
  • Lark in the Morning: Africa --plus-- African music machine for Macintosh computers (Mendocino, California)
    A commercial site offering a catalog of African instruments, with useful illustrations and sound files.
  • Lucky Dube (1964-2007)
    Official web site of the very popular South African reggae music artist, with biography, discography, videography, song lyrics, press cuttings, and a few short audio files.
  • Miriam Makeba, 1932-2008
  • Links to Malagasy Music (August Schmidhofer and Claude Razanajao, Archives Virtuelles de la Musique Malgache, University of Vienna, Austria)
    Part of a larger collection: Références sur la Musique de Madagascar / References on Malagasy Music: an extensive bibliography compiled by the same authors.
  • (Todd Martin, York University, Canada)
    A directory of information about the bala or balafon, musicians, and related Mande cultural history.
  • Hugh Masekela, 1939-2018
  • Maziki.Net -- Le site des musiques Africaines et centrafricaines (Maïgaro/APMA--Association pour la Promotion de la Musique Africaine, Paris, et Planète-Kotara--Association Culturelle et Artistique Centrafricaine, Bangui, République Centrafricaine)
    Le site offre les renseignements les plus utiles sur les artistes et les groupes centrafricains, plusieurs résumés de l'histoire des musiques traditionelles et contemporaines, les dates concerts et soirées, etc. "Maziki.Net créé en septembre 2003 est un site désormais consacré à la promotion de la Musique Centrafricaine sous toutes ses formes. 'Maziki, mozoko'ou encore 'N'gombi'en la ngue nationale de Centrafrique le 'Sango', veut dire tout simplement Musique."
  • Mbira Home Page (Solomon Murungu and Zambuko Projects Unlimited.)
    Extensive information on the history and traditions of mbira in Zimbabwe; includes sound clips, discographies of mbira stars, and links to related sites.
  • Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi, 1952-2019
  • Music in Africa (Music in Africa Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa)
    A portal for African music news and commentary--in English or in French. The site consists of: "a Directory section (of musicians, institutions, record labels etc); a Magazine section (featuring dynamic content such as news, overviews of African music scenes, feature articles, reviews etc); an Education section (dedicated for educational content); a Resource section (where one can read and learn more); and a Music Discovery tool that allows users to discover and listen to African music."
  • MusicUganda.Com (Paul Mwandha et al., Music Uganda, Ltd., Kampala, Uganda)
    This website features popular music industry news, photographs, music reviews, and related links for Uganda and Africa in general.
  • Notz.Com: African Pages (Alisdair "Chirps" MacRae Birch, New York)
    A collection of audio files and brief texts on "Highlife" and "Soukous" styles of music from West Africa; plus links to other African music sites--including the "African Music Webring" and a short list of recommended books. The "pages" are part of a larger collection on Jazz and other forms of music of interest to the webmaster, a Scottish-born musician.
  • OkayAfrica (New York, USA)
    Current and recent news on the latest trends in African music, art, and film, as well as featured interviews and reports on African artists in the USA and elsewhere in the diaspora.
  • The Orishas in Music (Discography) (Ian Scott Horst, via AOL)
    This site consists of two lists of recordings and artists. "The Orishas are divine beings originally worshipped by the Yoruba people of West Africa. Their worship was carried to the New World in the holds of slave ships, and became well established in many countries of the western hemisphere. Music is a major element in the worship of the Orishas. ... Orishas have also insinuated themselves into the melting pot of popular culture, and songs celebrating their existence have come out of many musical genres, from jazz to salsa to disco."
  • Pan African All Stars (College Park, Georgia)
    A commercial site with catalog of selected African music artists, organized by genre or country, downloads of excerpts from albums, and order information; plus free 24/7 Internet Radio.
  • RAGE--South African Street Culture Online (Black Rage Productions, South Africa)
    Current monthly news (some weekly updates) and promotional information on African music and the South African urban pop entertainment scene, with photos, feature stories, and an archive of back issues.
  • RootsWorld on Africa:
  • Saharan Vibe on "Sabar Music" (2008) (USA)
    A blog essay on "sabar" drumming and dancing in Senegal, West Africa, with photos and links to videos and other web sites.
  • Festival de Jazz de Saint-Louis du Sénégal (see above)
  • St. Louis Africa Chorus (St. Louis, Missouri)
    • This web site provides information about an American music organization with a developing, global African perspective; plus related links to events.
    • Home Page in English or in French
  • Oumou Sangare on the Web
    • Afropop Worldwide: Oumou Sangare (World Music Productions, New York)
      A listing of entries on Sangare: biographical sketch, audio files, interviews, discography, and related information.
    • National Public Radio (USA): Oumou Sangare
  • South African Audio Archive (, South Africa)
    "...a visual archive of rare and sometimes unusual South African audio documents as artifacts. The aim of the project is to provide a searchable database as a resource for those researching South African audio history."
    --See also, two "sister projects", the blog sites called: flatint -and- Electric Jive
  • South Africa's National Anthem
    • Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika - lyrics (in several languages) and history (via African National Congress)
    • Enoch Mankayi Sontonga, c1873-1905 -- Composer of "Nkosi Sikelel' Afrika":
      -- Enoch Mankayi Sontonga (via African National Congress)
      -- "Searching for Enoch Sontonga" by Lucille Davie (23 September 2002) (Big Media Publishers Ltd., published for International Marketing Council of South Africa)
  • SPLA -- Portail de la Diversité Culturelle: Afrique SudPlanète (Paris, France)
    Ce site offre les actualités et les liens sur les divers événements culturels au tour du monde francophone.
  • Sudan.Net: Music Features (Muaz M. Ataalsid)
    Download music files (with RealPlayer) of performances by Sudanese artists: Mohamed Wardi, Ali Ibrahim Allahu, Hussein Shendi, Shar Habil Ahmad, Abidah Al-Sheikh, Hamad Al-Rayah, and others. See also, the Sudan.Net Home Page for a "weekly" music feature.
  • Sunduza Dance Theatre, UK (Southern 'E'Media, UK)
    A promotional web page about the group, with links to audio and video files. "Sunduza in Ndebele means 'let us push'. They come from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Sunduza have been pushing their beautiful scintillating harmonies, percussive rhythms and high energy dances internationally. The productions reflect a wide range of Southern African dance normally displayed in a context to which international audiences can relate. The performances are upbeat and reflect modern and traditional issues in Southern Africa. They are unique. Lead vocalist, choreographer and composer Simon Banda has given their sound a special harmonic difference.
  • Swahili Music Notes (Vusile Terence Silonda, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
    "Music Sheets on Swahili Music Notes are uploaded by registered users from all over [Tanzania]...(and the world)."
  • Tanzania: Dhow Countries Music Academy (Zanzibar)
    [Established in 2002]...the only music school in Zanzibar. The academy preserves, develops and promotes the unique musical heritage of Zanzibar and the Swahili coast."
  • Teddy Afro (Tewodros Kassahun)
  • This is Africa : the voice of a new generation (Ghetto Radio Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Nairobi, Kenya)
    The site offers current news and opinions about the contemporary music and arts scene in Africa and in the African diaspora; plus three online radio channels.
  • Ali Farka Touré (1939-2006)
  • University of Michigan, School of Information : "Music Time in Africa" Digitized Broadcasts, 1966-1996
    (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
    Part of: Music Time in Africa Archive.
    "...a custom-built interface to digitized radio programs (1966-1996) and the associated scripts (if available)."
    --See also: "Leo Sarkasian's Music Time in Africa: U-M Archivist, Anthropologist Revive Popular Voice of America Show, " November 14, 2019. University of Michigan, Office of the Vice President for Communications. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  • Voice of America : Music Time in Africa (Washington, DC)
    "Music Time in Africa is VOA's longest running English language program. Since 1965, this award-winning program has featured pan African music that spans all genres and generations. Ethnomusicologist and host Heather Maxwell keeps you up to date on what's happening in African music with exclusive interviews, cultural information, and of course, great music -- including rare recordings from the Leo Sarkisian Library of African Music."
  • Papa Wemba, 1949-2016  a.k.a. Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba
  • Yandé Codou Sène, 1932-2010
  • Youssou N'Dour (Promotional sites)
  • 16th Edition Sauti za Busara Zanzibar, 7-10 February 2019 (Busara Promotions, Zanzibar,Tanzania)
    "...bringing together diverse artists and audiences and building appreciation for East African music...The 16th edition will take place in Stone Town, Zanzibar from 7th -- 10th February 2019...According to festival director Yusuf Mahmoud the theme for this year’s edition targets to fight corruption because they believe artists can use their voices to fight this vice as they celebrate the wealth and diversity of African music."