Columbia University Libraries has acquired a site license for CrystalMaker, a program for building, displaying, manipulating and animating all kinds of crystal & molecular structures. Featuring stunning, real-time graphics and powerful yet accessible tools.  Now available for Windows and Mac!


Download & Install

Download the installer and license appropriate to your operating system (hosted by CUIT -- you'll be asked to authenticate with your UNI and password):

Installer file Installer file
License file
License file
Crystal Structures Library


The Crystal Structures Library file is common to both Windows and Mac versions.

Find the installer in your hard drive (wherever you have your downloads set to appear -- e.g. the desktop, or the Downloads folder) and run it.  When asked to enter the license code, use the number obtained in Step 2 above.  Fill out the online form to register your product. Choose the file types for which you would like CrystalMaker to be the default application. Click Next and then click Finish to complete the installation.


Training and Additional Resources



Palmer, D. (2015). Visualization and analysis of crystal structures using CrystalMaker software. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials, 230(9-10), pp. 559-572. doi:10.1515/zkri-2015-1869


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