Cooking Recipes from Africa on the Internet

  • Afribone Mali -- Musowe. (Online): Cuisine (Bamako, Mali)
  • The Africa Guide: African Cooking and Recipes (USA)
    --A directory of web links to recipes from over a dozen African countries.
  • African Chop (Elizabeth A. Jackson, USA)
    This site features excerpts from Jackson's book, South of the Sahara: traditional cooking from the lands of West Africa, and other information on Ethiopian and East African cuisines. See also, the useful restaurant guide for North America.
  • African Recipes from The Congo Cookbook (via RPCV Web Ring)
    "The "central African" recipes on this website ... were collected by an epicurean Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who taught English in Gabon, traveled across Central Africa, obtained a degree in African Studies, and who loves to eat, cook, and surf the 'net."
  • African Studies WWW's "The African Cookbook" by Bea Sandler (1993) (Dr. Ali Dinar, University of Pennsylvania)
    Sample online recipes from 10 African countries -- Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, and Tanzania (inc. Zanzibar) -- plus special sections, all excerpted from a book published by Carol Publishing Group in New York.
  • Alhidaaya.Com: Mapishi = Halal Cooking Recipes in Swahili (Tanzania)
  • Ethiopian recipes
  • The Gambia Resource Page: Gambian Cooking Recipes (Momodou Camara, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Kenya Recipes
  • Malawian Recipes
    • Friends of Malawi (former PCVs): Favorite Malawian Recipes (Poland, Oregon)
  • Mauritius Australia Connection: Recipes from Mauritius (Madeleine Philippe, Philippe OnLine, Melbourne, Australia)
  • All Nigerian Recipes (2014) ("Flo", Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
  • RecipeSource: African Recipes -- Egyptian, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Western, East and Southern African Incorporating SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (USA)