Mozambique: Online News & Electronic Journals

  • Accord: an international review of peace initiatives. (Online) -- The Mozambican Peace Process in Perspective (1998). -- London: Conciliation Resources, 1996-
    Note: after clicking on the image of the issue on Mozambique, you must scroll down to the bottom of the web page to view the table of contents and links to chapters.
    "Accord is a resource for diplomats, mediators and negotiators; relief, development and human rights workers; journalists and academics." The electronic version of each issue includes documents and agreements in the peace process and in-depth analysis. The complete issues are only available by ordering the print versions.
  • AIM Reports, 1997 to present -- London ; Maputo : Agencia Informação Moçambique - Mozambique News Agency, 1997- - via Poptel.
    Current monthly issue and recent back issues in English at this mirror site of information published in Maputo.
  • All Africa.Com: Recent News Summaries on Mozambique (AllAfrica Global Media, Washington, DC)
    News sources in English translations from Mozambican media in Portuguese; Pan African News Agency ; and other services. Warning: articles older than 30 days are accessible only by subscription.
  • IRIN: Integrated Regional Information Network on Mozambique (See below, under UNOCHA)
  • Mail and Guardian on Mozambique (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • News from and about Mozambique---Archives
  • Notícias. (Online) -- Maputo, Mozambique: Sociedade Notícias, 2006-
    "[Foi fundado a 15 de Abril de 1926] O Jornal Notícias é um jornal privado diário de carácter nacional cuja actividade se baseia no rigor e criatividade editorial, com orientação, independente de qualquer vinculação ideológica, política, económica ou religiosa."
  • O País. (Online) -- Maputo, Mozambique: SOICO, 2017-
    This site offers the electronic version of this Portuguese language daily newspaper from Mozambique, with back issue articles for the last 3 months only.
  • Radio Moçambique Online-- Notícias, entrevistas, e emmissãos (Maputo)
  • UNOCHA: United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
  • @Verdade. (Online) -- Maputo, Mozambique: @Verdade, 2008-
    Began as a weekly newspaper in 2008 and recently expanded to a daily publication. This site is the electronic version in Portuguese, with selections in English translation. Selected articles under various rubrics from the last 3 years are accessible without searching the archive. Note: The archive --searchable by year-- only contains selected articles from 2008-2014.