Access, Circulation, Fines, & Lost Materials

Access to The Burke Library

The library access information below conforms to the general access policies of Columbia University Libraries.  For more complete information about access to The Burke Library, please contact the CU Libraries Library Information Office located in Butler Library, or The Burke Library directly.  Please note that a $20 fee for a picture ID may be charged.  A map to the Library Information Office can be found here.

Accessibility & Disability Accommodations

Columbia University is committed to ensuring that the services and programs offered by the Libraries and CUIT are accessible to all patrons. The University works with patrons on an individual basis to assess their unique accommodation needs. If you have any questions, please contact the Access Services Division liaison, Mayra Melendez, at (212) 854-3536 or See also Disability Services at Columbia University Libraries.


Alumni Access

Please visit the Alumni Services page for Columbia University Libraries.  


Circulation Policy by Material Type

Type of Library Material
Circulation Restriction
General Collection

CU and UTS Faculty, Graduate students, and CU Undergraduates: Semester.

Jewish Theological Seminary, and Law: 4 weeks

Heath Sciences Library: 3 weeks

Reserve materials
3 hours
Reference books

Periodicals and Reference Books are In-Library use only.

Microforms located Offsite may be used in Butler Periodicals & Microforms Reading Room.

AV materials
4 days


Library use only. Consultation by appointment.
Contact or (212) 851-5608
Rare Books Library use only. Consultation by appointment.
Contact or (212) 851-5608

Circulation Policy for General Collection by Patron Category

Patron Category
Circulation Restriction
CU and UTS Faculty
CU and UTS Graduate Students
CU and UTS Board of Trustees
CU Undergraduates

CU and UTS Visiting Scholars

CU and UTS Staff
CU and UTS Fee-paying Alumni/ae
4 weeks
GTS Faculty and Students
& UTS Adjunct Faculty
4 weeks (with valid CU/UTS ID--contact The Burke Library for details)

Fines & Lost Materials at The Burke Library

Fines are charged for overdue materials and replacement costs are assessed for lost/damaged materials.

Material Category Fines Assessed
Fines for non-reserve materials

$0.25/day with a maximum fine of $7.50/item

$1.00/day for recalled materials with a maximum fine of $30.00/item

Fines for reserve materials (3-hour loan period) $1.00/hour with a maximum fine of $50.00/item
Fines for reserve materials (4-day loan period) $1.50/day with a maximum fine of $50.00/item
Charges for lost/damaged materials If an item is not returned and the Library considers it lost, the standard replacement fee is $70.00 plus $30.00 for processing.  Please note that these fees will be added to the fines for overdue materials.  Fees for out-of-print and rare materials may be higher.