Managing University Records

Website Preservation

Columbia website, 2009 Columbia website, 2009.

Websites are university records and as such the University Archives is committed to the capture and continued access of the University’s entire web domain. The Columbia University Libraries have been capturing Columbia websites via the Archive-It service since June 2010. All sites with a web address are included in our routinely scheduled web crawls.

  • The Library’s Web Resources Collection program has put together the Guidelines for Preservable Websites. These guidelines not only help with our web archiving efforts but will also make it easier for search engines to find and index your site.
  • If you maintain Columbia content in a web domain outside of, please contact so we can be sure to include your site in our future crawls.
  • If you are retiring a website either as part of a redesign/relaunch effort or at the end of a project or initiative, be sure to contact so we can make sure to capture your site before it goes offline.
  • To learn more about our web archiving efforts and to learn how to access the archived pages, please check out the Web Archives page on this site.