This page offers an preliminary bibliography of a genre that we might call "chronologies," comprising mainly of lists of important dates and events, with or without annotation. There are a scattered instance of early works, and many more recent compilations.  Please send suggestions or comments to:


Early Works

Tibetan Chronological Tables: of 'Jam-dbyans bzad-pa and Sum-pa mkhan-po. Sarnath, Varanasi : Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, 1993.

English translation of two chronologies by ʼJam-dbyangs-bzhad-pa Ngag-dbang-brtson-ʼgrus (1648-1721) and Sum-pa Mkhan-po Ye-shes-dpal-ʼbyor (1704-1788), with critical comments by Alaka Chattopadhyaya in collaboration with Sanjit Kumar Sadhukhan.

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Original Tibetan titles for the above translation:

Bstan paʾi gsal byed chen po Bod du rim gyis byung baʾi lo tshig reʾu mig tu bkod paʾi tshigs lung tshigs chung rtags byed gser gyi nyi ma ʾod zer bkra ba / by ʾJam-dbyangs-bzhad-pa Ngag-dbang-brtson-ʾgrus .

Phags-yul Rgya-nag-chen-po, Bod, dang Sog-yul du dam paʾi chos byung tshul dpag bsam ljon bzang / by Sum-pa Mkhan-po Ye-shes-dpal-ʾbyor.

Contemporary Works

Bsod ngam rgya mtsho (Huang Mingxin) ed. Bstan rtsis ka phreng lag deb. Pe cin: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 2000. 90 pages.  CLIO Link

Chronological manual of Tibetan historical figures, compiled by Huang Mingxin, a Chinese Tibetologist who earned his rabjampa degree from Labrang Monastery in the 1940s. (Entry added by Ling-wei Kung.)

Khams-sprul Bsod-nams-don-grub. Gangs-ljongs grags can mi sna'i 'khrungs 'das lo tshig re'u mig gsal bar ston pa. Pe-cin : Mi rigs dpe skrun khaṅ, 2006. 156 pages.  CLIO link

Chart of birth and death dates for Tibetan lamas and other historical figures.

Mgon po dbang rgyal. Rgyal rabs lo tshigs shes bya mang ‘dus mkhas pa’i spyi nor. Pe cin: M rigs dpe skrun khang, 2000. 349 pages. CLIO Link

Chronology of major events in Tibetan history.  

Phun tshogs tshe ring. Bod kyi lo rgyus zhi ʾjug la nye bar mkho baʾi lo rgyus don chen reʾu mig rgyas pa. Pe-cin: Mi rigs dpe skrun khaṅ, 2005. 346 pages. CLIO link