Note: A variety of Tibetan dictionaries are included in the Dictionaries & Encyclopedias section of the guide.

Language Study

Central Tibetan or Lhasa Dialects

Manual of Standard Tibetan Series
Several dozen video recordings of lectures and vocabulary corresponding to each chapter in Nicolas Tournadre and Sangda Dorje's Manual of Standard Tibetan. Useful for self-study and classroom instruction.


Amdo Dialect

Amdo Dialect
Provides links to ethnographic videos and bibliographic references to resources for learning the Amdo dialect. Based on a website originally created by by Dr. Frances Garrett at the University of Toronto. 

A Week in Rebkong, Amdo
An online oral language-acquisition module of 10 lessons with vocabulary and audio-links for basic conversation. Developed by Dr. Nicole Willock and Gedun Rabsal, Tibetan language instructor at Indiana University, with technical assistance from Christopher Walker. Original host site now defunct. Webpage is archived on Internet Archive.

Amdo Tibetan Dialect Collection
A collection of video recordings of conversation by native speakers in Amdo Tibetan dialect, with transcripts and English translation. A project of the Tibetan & Himalayan Library.


Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
Translator Training Program
Summer Language Programs


Other Resources

CARLA: Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition: Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) -- Tibetan Course Listings for colleges and universities that offer Tibetan language classes. Last updated in 2014.

Endangered Languages Archive, SOAS, University of London

OLAC Language Resource Catalog, Penn Libraries
Includes a bibliography of early and contemporary linguistic studies on a variety of Tibetan dialects. Includes a separate list of resrouces for Amdo Tibetan and Khams Tibetan dialects.

The Study of Tibetan Language at UVa
Describes university curriculum, and provides link to UVa's Summer Intensive Tibetan Language Program.

Tibetan Language at Indiana University 
Introduces the Tibetan Language Program at IU-Bloomington. 

Tibetan Language Institute, Hamilton, Montana USA

Thosamling, Sidhpur, India

Language Learning at The Univesrity of British Columbia