Uganda: Online News & the Internet

  • African Centre for Media Excellence (Kampala, Uganda)
    "...ACME’s main goal is to make the media a more effective platform for the provision of information on public affairs, a tool for monitoring official power, and a forum for vibrant public debate."
  • Al Jazeera English: "Bitter Root" Witness (Doha, Qatar)
    A 47 minute film about former LRA soldiers by Kelly Negara, posted October 13, 2011. "Two former Lord's Resistance Army commanders seek tribal justice to reconcile their pasts." 
  • All Africa.Com: Recent News Summaries on Uganda (AllAfrica Global Media, Washington, DC)
    News reports compiled from the Pan African News Agency (PANA) and Ugandan newspapers: New Vision and The Monitor. Warning: a subscription is required to search the archives of articles more than
    30 days old.
  • BugandaWatch (Kampala, Uganda)
    In English..."topical news and educational information on matters of relevancy to the Baganda community world-wide."
  • Bukedde. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: New Vision Printing & Publishing Corporation, 2000 -
    Current daily issue in Luganda and a searchable archive -- since 2000 -- of the electronic version of this government-run newspaper.
  • Campus journal, The. (Online)--Archive, 2012-2015. -- Kampala, Uganda: s.n., 2012-2015.
    "...Far from specialising in educational affairs as its name may suggest, The Campus Journal is a collection of run-after stories and insightful analyses on all issues of human interest."
  • CIPESA: ICT Policy Centre for Eastern and Southern Africa (Kampala, Uganda)
    "Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) is one of two centres established under the Catalysing Access to Information and Communications Technologies in Africa (CATIA) initiative, which was funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID)."
    -- CIPESA publications and other resources
  • Committee to Protect Journalists on Uganda (New York)
    Current & recent news, alerts, and reports on press freedom and situations faced by journalists in Uganda, since 1999.
  • East African business week. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: East African Business Week Ltd., 2005-
    The electronic version of a weekly newspaper covering business news mostly for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, sometimes for neighboring countries. Several weeks of reports are readily available on the web site; use "search" feature to find reports from back issues since October 2005.
  • Elections in Uganda 2021 and earlier (via Columbia University Libraries)
  • Independent, The. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: The Independent, 2008-
    The electronic version of a weekly news magazine for Uganda, East Africa, and the world, with back issue articles since December 2008.
  • Kampala dispatch, The. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: The Kampala Dispatch, 2010-
    The electronic version of an "independent" monthly news magazine from Uganda, offering reports, interviews, and analysis on national, African regional, and international issues.
  • The Kampala report (KR Media Ltd., Kampala, Uganda)
    An 'independent' "news media start-up" reporting current news for Uganda and the world, plus "special reports" since October 2021.
  • Kata Kata: the authentic African cartoon magazine. (Online) -- The Netherlands; Kampala, Uganda: Kata Kata, 2013-
    The electronic international version of a quarterly cartoon magazine, featuring comics with political and cultural satire.
  • Le Monde Diplomatique Archives, 2006--: Ouganda (Paris)
    De plus, on peut chercher << Ouganda >> dans les archives.
  • Monitor, The. (Online). -- Kampala, Uganda : 1996-.
    Current and recent electronic issues of the independent daily newspaper from Uganda. Note: the archive is only searchable for subscribers.
  • New Vision, The. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: New Vision Printing & Publishing Corporation, 2000 -
    Current daily issue and a searchable archive -- since 2000 -- of the electronic version of this pro-government newspaper (originally founded in 1986).
  • NTV Uganda (Kampala)
    National television programming---local Ugandan and regional African news; with archive of selected shows.
  • Observer, The. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: The Observer, 2008-
    The site offers the current issue of the electronic version of the Ugandan newspaper, appearing every Sunday and Wednesday, with an archive of selected articles, editorials, and opinions since May 2008.
  • OpenNet Africa (Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda)
    "OpenNet Africa was established in 2012 to monitor internet freedoms in Africa with a primary focus on East and Southern Africa. It is a centralised platform for information on African internet freedoms and cyber security, including research materials, censorship incidents, laws on internet freedoms, online safety tools and advocacy materials."
    --See especially: Publications on the State of Internet Freedom in African countries
    --See also: Civil society in the digital age: identifying threats and mounting pushbacks (2020) Published by the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, and the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). 81 pages in PDF format
  • PML Daily (Post Media Ltd., Kampala, Uganda) Since 2017
  • RadioStationWorld on Uganda (USA)
    A directory of Ugandan radio stations, with links to subscription-based access.
  • Start : a journal of arts and culture. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: Kampala Arts Trust, 2007-
    The web site includes the archive of back issues since October 2007. "Start has been published four times as a printed magazine between 2007 and 2010, and has been online since December 2010. The website publishes thematic editions filled with special analysis, art critiques, artist interviews and other stories about the arts and culture scene in Kampala and beyond."
  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
    • Reliefweb on Uganda
      Current and recent news summaries on Uganda from various news sources and especially UN agencies.