Borrow Direct Plus @ Columbia University


Students, faculty and staff from the universities listed below may request on-site borrowing privileges.

Intitutions participating in reciprocal access and on-site borrowing are listed below along with hyperlinks to library login authentication pages. 

How do I physically access the libraries and borrow items?
Please view our Visitors webpage for detailed information on accessing libraries and recieving borrowing privileges.
What libraries at Columbia may I use?
You have physical access and borrowing privileges at all the Columbia libraries except the Law Library, Teachers College, the Health Sciences Library, and Jewish Theological Seminary. Library locations may be found on the campus map
Where will I find the hours of the various Columbia University libraries?
Library hours may be found here.
Where will find information about the various Columbia Libraries?
Each library has its own Web page. Please visit this page for details. Information about various study spaces may be found here
Are there any restrictions to the resources or services that I can use?
  • The maxiumum number of items that may be checked out on your borrowing account is 20.
  • Films on DVD, VHS and Laserdisc and music CDs may not be checked out. 
  • The computers in the computer labs and digital centers may not be used. Public PCs may be used, and are available in most of the libraries. 
  • Hours of access may be restricted in some libraries. For instance, you may use Butler Library from 9 am to 11 pm. During midterms and finals, the Business Library restricts access during the day to Columbia business students and students majoring in economics. 
  • Off campus access to electronic resources is not provided.
  • Guests may not be brought into the libraries.
  • Food may not be brought into the libraries.
  • Lockers (except for day lockers) and study carrels are not provided. 
  • Group study rooms may be used if vacant, but may not be reserved in advance.