Asim Qureshi
Cageprisoners Executive Director and Research Director

An interview with Asim Qureshi conducted June 1, 2011, in London, England, by Ronald J. Grele and Kanishk Tharoor for the Columbia Center for Oral History, Rule of Law Oral History Project.

Asim Qureshi is a lawyer and the Executive Director and Research Director of Cageprisoners, a human rights and legal advocacy organization in London that works on behalf of prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and other detainees of the War on Terror. Educated at London Guildhall University and the University of London, Mr. Qureshi has devoted his career to investigating cases of unjust detention and abusive treatment of prisoners in the War on Terror, and travels the world to spread Cageprisoner’s message to the public. His book Rules of the Game: Detention, Deportation, Disappearance was published in 2010. Highlights of this interview include discussions of the effects of United States foreign policy on Muslims, conversations with Guantánamo Bay detainees’ families, the evolution of Cageprisoners, his involvement with HHUGS [Helping Households Under Great Stress], his travels throughout Pakistan, Bosnia and Palestine, and his human rights work and advocacy.

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