Free E-resources for Chinese Studies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The free Chinese databases covers over 140 commercial databases, almost all important Chinese databases on market. They are Columbia IP-range accessible, first through June 2020, then extended through September 30, and then to December 31, 2020, and finally through June 2021. They are not overlapping with, but supplementing, the available Chinese E-Resources.

Some free databases, without the need of using Columbia VPN, are better accessible on the platform, such as Quan guo bao kan suo yin 全国报刊索引 China National Index of Newspapers and Magazines, hosting databases we have subscribed already. So are the Unihan archival databases or big-set reprints in the Unihan platform of our acquired databases including Ming Qing bian hai fang 明清边海防 Border and Sea Defense of Ming and Qing Dynasties (IMPORTANT: In case the opened link only displays 明清边海防 database, then please click on top row 新版古籍库, which lists and links to all the accessible Unihan databases for free access). 

Database URL Type 
Tokyo Trial Literature Database 东京审判文献数据库 Archives
Qing Xian Tong Guang san chao chao zheng dang an hui kan 清咸同光三朝朝政档案汇刊全文检索系统 Archives
Qing gong Bi shu shan zhuang 清宫避暑山庄档案全文检索系统 Archives
Dispatches from United States Consuls at Amoy 美國19-20世紀初駐廈門領事檔案 (1844-1906) Archives
Chinese Judicial Files Database (Jiangjin Part) 中国司法档案数据库 (江津卷) Archives
Archives of Chinese Chambers of Commerce(Baoding Part)中国商会档案数据库(保定卷) Archives
Wan Qing Yang wu yun dong shi liao hui bian 晚清洋务运动史料汇编全文检索系统
Archives, book
Qing mo lu jun hai jun wen xian hui bian 清末陆军海军文献汇编全文检索系统 Archives, book
Qing dai ming chen zou shu wen gao hui bian 清代名臣奏疏文稿汇编全文数据库系统 Archives, book
Qing dai fa lu ji ge bu ze li 清代法律及各部则例全文数据库系统 Archives, book
Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan 日治時期期刊集成資料庫 Archives, periodical
Catalog of China Classic Congshu Reprint - Fist Phase 中国古籍影印丛书查询数据库一期 Bibliography
Zhong yi zhong yao gu ji da xi 中医中药古籍大系检索数据库系统

Yuan Shikai shi liao hui bian 袁氏史料汇编全文检索系统 Book
Xizang shi liao 西藏史料全文检索库系统 Book
Western Regions Archaeology Database 西域文物考古全集数据库 Book
Wei guan ru shi zhi shu hui bian 为官入仕之书汇编全文检索系统 Book
Tang Song ci shi wen zong hui 唐宋词诗文总汇全文检索系统 Book
Silk Road Historical Archive 丝绸之路西域文献史料辑要数据库 Book
Si bu cong kan zeng bu 四部丛刊增补全文检索软件 Book
Shi tong 十通全文检索系统 Book
Rare Book Library 古籍馆 Book
Pishu Database 皮书数据库 Book
Modern Chinese Books Database 近代华文书籍数据库 Book
Minguo Gugong wen xian cong bian 民国故宫文献丛编全文检索库系统 Book
Ming Shenzong qi ju zhu 明神宗起居注全文检索软件 Book
Ming Qing han shi Yan xing lu 明清韩使燕行录全文检索系统 Book
Ming dai shi liao hui bian 明代史料汇编全文数据库系统 Book
Liang Song yan jiu shi liao 两宋研究史料汇编全文数据库系统 Book
Liang Song ji bu Zhen ben xu bu两宋集部珍本续补全文检索库系统 Book
Li dai shu hua wen ji 历代书画文集 Book
Li dai hui yao 历代会要全文检索库系统 Book
Jin shi wen wan shu hua 金石文玩书画全文检索库系统 Book
Jin hui Ming dai shi liao 禁毁明代史料全文检索系统 Book
iRead eBooks 華藝中文電子書 Book
HyRead ebook 中文電子書平台 Book
Huamulan Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations 花木蘭數位資料庫 Book
Guanxu xin fa ling 光绪新法令全文检索数据库系 Book
Early Twentieth Century Books in China (1912-1949) 民国图书数据库 Book
Diaolong Chinese and Japanese Ancient Books 雕龙中日古籍全文检索数据库 Book
Da Ming shi lu 大明实录全文检索数据库系统 Book
Da Ming hui dian 大明会典全文检索数据库系统 Book
CNPeReading Overseas Platform 易阅通 (China Academic E-Book Library of China E-book Hub 中国电子书库-中国学术电子书库) Book
CNKI eBooks(Intl) CNKI电子图书库(海外版) Book
Chinese Traditional Medicine Rare Book Database 国医典藏中医古籍数据库 Book
Chinese Digital Local Gazetteers Database 中国数字方志库 Book
Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database 中华经典古籍库 Book
China Species Library 生物志数据库 Book
China Rare Books Reprinted Collection 中华再造善本数据库 Book
China Historical Biography Resources 中国历史人物传记资源数据库 Book
Qing dai wai jiao dang an 清代外交档案文献汇编全文检索系统;

Book, archives
Qing dai shi liao hui bian 清代史料汇编数据库系 Book, archives
Qing dai li chao qi ju zhu 清代历朝起居注全文检索系统 Book, archives
Qing dai ke ju zhu juan ji cheng 清代科举硃卷集成全文检索系统 Book, archives
Ming Qing Nei ge da ku shi liao ji kan 明清内阁大库史料集刊全文检索系统 Book, archives
Artron 雅昌艺术图书数据库 Book, image
Taiwan Mainland Townsmen Associations Database 台湾大陆同乡会文献数据库 Book, journal
Countries, Regions and Global Governance 国别区域与全球治理数据平台 Book, journal, data, audio
Zhang Letian Fieldwork Database 张乐天联民村数据库 Book, journal, data, video
Taiwan Academic Classics 臺灣學術經典平台 Book, journal, dictionary
China Digital Library 中华数字书苑 Book, newspaper, yearbook, reference, etc.
Belt and Road Database 一带一路数据库 Book, report, data
PRC National History Database 中华人民共和国国史数据库 Book, report, image
China Poverty Alleviation Database 中国减贫研究数据库 Book, report, video
Minguo feng yun 民国风云全文库全文检索数据库系统 Book, text, dictionary
National Population Census Database 中国人口普查数据库 Census
Han Cloud Research Platform漢雲平台 DH Research Platform 
Chinese Dictionary & Kangxi Dictionary 汉语大词典和康熙字典 Dictionary
Dacihai (Great Sea of Words) 大辞海 Dictionary, encyclopedia
Cihai Database 《辞海》历版数据库  Dictionary, encyclopedia
China Doctoral Dissertations Database 中国博士学位论文全文数据库 Dissertation
China Government Gazettes Database 中国政报公报期刊文献总库 Goverment document
Taiwan Image Explorer : Georeferenced Historical Photographs 1895-1945 臺灣百年寫真/GIS資料庫 Image
Digital Image Collections of Republic of China (1911-1949) 民国图片数据库 Image
Chinese Calligraphy Database 中华书法数据库 Image
China Art Digital Library 中国艺术作品库 Image
Artbase 中国艺术教育课堂  Image
Academic Image 学术图片库(海外版) Image
The World of Chinese Language and Literature 國文天地雜誌資料庫 Journal
The Eastern Miscellany 东方杂志数据库 Journal
Modern Chinese Periodicals 近代期刊数据库 Journal
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 百年臺灣醫學史資料庫 Journal
HyRead Journal 台灣全文資料庫  Journal
CNKI Journal Translation Project 中国精品学术期刊双语出版数据库; Journal
Chinese Recorder Database 教務雜誌 Journal
Chinese Art Studies Database 中国艺术研究报刊专题库 Journal
China Economic Information Journals Database 中国经济信息期刊文献总库 Journal
China Academic Journals Database 中国期刊全文数据库 Journal
Chaoxing Periodicals 超星期刊 Journal
Academic Focus 中国英文学术出版物全文数据库; Journal
Renda Periodicals 中国人民大学复印报刊资料库 Journal, newspaper
Chinese Periodical of Modern China - Literature Collection 中国近代中文期刊全文数据库-文学专题 1872-1949 Journal, newspaper
Common Wealth Magazine Group Database 天下雜誌群知識庫/天下雜誌群影音知識庫 Journal, video
China Monographic Serials Database 中国学术辑刊全文数据库 Monographic periodical
Jikan Database 集刊数据库 Monographic periodical 
Yi Shih Pao《益世报》1915-1949 Newspaper
Wai jiao bao zhai yi hui bian 外交报摘译汇编全文检索系统 Newspaper
udndata 聯合報系全文報紙資料庫 (1951-) Newspaper
The Taiwan Minpao 台灣民報 (1920-1932) Newspaper
The Shanghai Times 《上海泰晤士报》1925-1943 Newspaper
The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury 《大美晚报》1929-1949 Newspaper
The Shanghai Evening Courier《上海晚邮》1869-1874 Newspaper
The Republican Daily《民国日报》1916-1949 Newspaper
The Presbyterian Messenger 使信月刊 (1850-1947) Newspaper
The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists 《字林洋行》1850-1951 Newspaper
The Eastern Times 《时报》1904-1939 Newspaper
The China Press 《大陆报》1911-1949 Newspaper
Sin Wan Pao 《新闻报》1893-1949 Newspaper
Shanghai Courier 《上海差报》1876-1878 Newspaper
Shanghai Courier & China Gazette 《中华快报》1876-1878 Newspaper
PLA Daily Digital Archive 解放军报 Newspaper
Modern Chinese Newspaper 中国近代报刊系列 Newspaper
Chinese Serial Full-text Database 《遐迩贯珍》 1853-1856 Newspaper
China Times 中國時報 (1950+) Newspaper
Central Daily News《中央日报》1928-1949 Newspaper
Central Daily News 中央日報  (1928 - 2006/05/31) Newspaper
CPC Newspaper Archive 红色报刊档案数据库 Periodical
Dian-shi-zhai Pictorial Full-text Database 《点石斋画报》1884-1898 Pictorial
Chinese Picture Story Books Digital Library 中国连环画数字图书馆 Picture book
Taiwanese Classic Poetry Collection 全臺詩博覽資料庫 Poem
China Proceedings of Conference Database 中国重要会议论文全文数据库 Proceeding
Think Tank Database 科学智库 Report
Rural China Database 中国乡村研究数据库 Statistics, report
Zhongguo li dai shi ke shi liao hui bian 中国历代石刻史料汇编全文检索系统 Stele inscriptions
Tang Tomb Inscriptions Database 唐代墓志铭数据库 Stele inscriptions
Song Tomb Inscriptions Database 宋代墓志铭数据库 Stele inscriptions
San Jin Stone Carvings Database  三晋石刻大全数据库 Stele inscriptions
Liu Chao Stone Inscription Database 汉魏六朝碑刻数据库 Stele inscriptions
China TV News Database  Streaming media, text
Zhengtong Daozang 正統道藏 Text
Government Public Document Database中国公开文件数据库 Text
CPC History Database 中国共产党党史经典文献数据库 Text
China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database 中国法律知识资源总库/中国法律数字图书馆 Text
Chinese Economic Reform Database 中国改革开放数据库--中国改革开放全纪录 (1978-2018) Text, image, video
Guji Discovery 古籍发现 Text, map
Modern China K-12 textbooks 中国近代中小学教育资源数据库  Textbook
China Masters' Theses Database 中国优秀硕士学位论文全文数据库 Thesis
Chinese Language and Culture Library 中国语言文化数据库 Video
China Yearbooks Database 中国年鉴网络出版总库 Yearbook
China Data Insights 中国英文版统计年鉴 Yearbook

The free databases is based on the project Free E-resources for Chinese Studies During the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is made possible with the generous support from almost all providers of Chinese databases and through the collaborative efforts between the CEAL Committee on Chinese Materials, which the librarian serves as chair, and SCSL Committee for Information Exchange.


Chengzhi Wang, Ph.D.
Chinese Studies Librarian
307M Kent Hall
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