Electronic Resources for Chinese Studies

Off-campus Access during the Pandemic: When clicking on a library database link on a non-Columbia-IP-range device does not work, one may Create a Remotely Accessible Link to an IP-Restricted Resource. If it still does not work, and if any access problem occurs, please file Report Problems with E-Resources, or Send Comments or SuggestionsProxy Bookmarklet can facilitate access to e-resources.

Most of the e-resources listed below are subscribed web-based commercial databases. Also listed are Ling Long 玲瓏 Women's Magazine and others digitized by the library, which may be also included in Columbia Digital Library Collections (DLC). Off-campus access to DLC is restricted to Columbia users only. 

Generally the minimum system requirements for using e-resources are Microsoft Windows 2000, or more advanced operating system and a recent version of a web browser. Most e-resources require the use of devices on Columbia IP range, or through a proxy connection. Please use library databases from the database links found in CLIO and library pages. 

If login is required on an opened database interface, unless clearly informed of specific login information on an associated page, please ignore the login cells and look for IP login (normally worded as IP 登录 or 机构登录) and click on IP 登录 or 机构登录. When access problem occurs, please file E-Resource Problem Report.

The word input for searching Taiwanese databases should be traditional Chinese characters. For mainland Chinese databases, simplified Chinese characters should be used. 

One may attend Starr Library workshops and library workshops centrally organized to learn software and essentials applicable to using most e-resources of Columbia libraries.

Resources marked with this symbol are restricted to Columbia affiliates.


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Reference Books & Indexes

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Archives & Special Topics

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