Tibetan Journals at Columbia


Columbia regularly receives the following print-journals. The latest issues for each can be found in the Tibetan Periodicals Alcove in the main reading room of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library. Bound issues for the preceding two years are shelved (by call number) in the Starr Stacks (levels 100-250). All other back issues are stored offsite, but can be requested via CLIO with 24-48 hour notice. Search the journal title in CLIO for exact holdings. For readers at other schools, scanned articles can be requested through Borrow Direct and ILL. If you have any questions, please contact the Tibetan Librarian at lh2112@columbia.edu. 

Bden 'tshol (Beijing)

JQ1519.A5 B34

Policy & Society

Bod kyi rtsom rig sgyu rtsal (Lhasa)

PL3705 .B68


Bod kyi gso rig zhib 'jug (Hezuo)

R603.T5 B632


Bod kyi slob gso (Xining) (formerly Mtsho-sngon slob gso)

LA1134.Q65 M71


Bod kyi tshan rig dus deb (Dharamsala)

BQ4570.S3 B63


Bod-ljongs nang bstan (Lhasa)

BQ7530 .B63


Bod-ljongs sgyu rtsal zhib ‘jug (Lhasa)

NX583.A3 B78

Arts & Folk Literature

Bod-ljongs slob grwa chen mo'i rig deb (Lhasa)

AS452 .L433

Tibetan Studies

Bod-ljongs slob gso (Lhasa)

LA1134.T5 B625


Bod-ljongs zhib 'jug (Lhasa)

DS785.A1 H772

Tibetan Studies

Bod skad yig las don (Lhasa)

PL3601 .B63


Bod sman slob gso dang zhib 'jug (Lhasa)

R603.T5 B648


Bstan po'i zhabs rje (Mtho-las Monastery, Guinan)

PL3701 .B873

Literary Journal

Dpal ri'i dung sgra (Tibet Autonomous Region)

BQ7695 .D687

Literary Journal

Ganggā'i bzhad sgra (Dharamsala)

PL3701 .G633

Literary Journal

Gangs lha me tog (Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, Dharamsala)

PL3701 .G36

Literary Journal

Gangs-ljongs Bod lugs gso rig (Lhasa)

R603.T5 G36


Gangs-ljongs rig gnas (Lhasa)

PL3701 .B63

Art & Folk Literature

Gangs rgyan me tog (Delinha, Qinghai)

PL3609 .G23


Ge-sar zhib 'jug (Xining)

PL3748.G43 G465

Gesar Studies

Gur kum chun po (Xining?)

PL3701 .G875

Literary Journal

Krung-go'i Bod-ljongs (Beijing)

DS785.A1 C454

General Interest

Krung-go'i Bod kyi gso rig (Xining)

R603.T5 K78


Krung-go'i Bod rig pa (Beijing) (formerly Krung-go'i Bod kyi shes rig)

DS785.A1 C463

Tibetan Studies

Latse Library Newsletter (New York City)

PL3201 .L23

Tibetan Studies

Lho-kha'i rtsom rig sgyu rtsal (Shannan)

PL3701 .S43x


Mang tshogs sgyu rtsal (Xining) (formerly Mtsho-sngon mang tshogs sgyu rtsal)

PL3705 .M73

Folk Arts & Literature

Mi rigs brnyan par (Beijing)

DS730 .M51243

General Interest

Mtsho-sngon Bod rigs  = Qinghai Zangzu (Xining)

DS731.A53 Q2565

Social Science

Mtsho-sngon dge thon slob chen mi rigs dge thon slob gling gi rig gzhung dus deb (Xining) (formerly Gonghe)

DS785.A1 M77451

Tibetan Studies

Mtsho-sngon mi rigs slob grwa chen mo'i rig gzhung dus deb (Xining)

HC740.T55 M78

Tibetan Studies

Mtsho-sngon mi rigs snying rje = Qinghai min ce (Xining)

HV419.Q55 Q55


Nub byang mi rigs slob grwa chen mo'i rig gzhung dus deb (Lanzhou)

AS452.L34 A25

Tibetan Studies

Po-ta-la (Beijing)

DS785.A1 P683

General Interest

Rang btsan (India)

HS3250.2.T53 R36


Ri bo nyi zla (Gonghe)

PL3701. R53


Rlabs phreng (Kirti Institute of Higher Studies, Dharamsala)

PL3701 .R58


Rtsam pa (Dharamsala)

PL3701 .R77


Rtser snyeg (Xining)

DS785.A1 P283

Policy & Tibetan Studies

Sbrang char (Xining)

PL3701 .S62

Literary Journal

Spang rgyan me tog (Lhasa)

PL3609 .S56

Literary Journal

Zla zer (Hezuo)

AP95.T59 D23

Literary Journal


Columbia University also holds long runs for dozens of other titles which are more sporadically published, were short-lived, or which are not fully cataloged yet. A list of these titles follows. For access to these or any other titles that you may not find here, please first search CLIO and then contact the Tibetan Studies Librarian, lh2112@@columbia.edu.  PLEASE NOTE:  THE DATES FOR OUR HOLDINGS AS LISTED BELOW ARE APPROXIMATE. WE HOLD, OR HAVE RECENTLY PURCHASED, MANY MORE ISSUES. PLEASE ASK US ABOUT ANY TITLE THAT INTERESTS YOU.


Bdud rtsiʼiʼ mchod yon (Amdo), 1999-2008, with gaps

Bla srog = Snowland Amdo Soul (Hezuo), 2004-present, with gaps

Bod yul slob gsoʼi gleng stegs, 2000; 2005

ʼBrong stag thang (Tongren Xian Maba zhong xue), 2009-2012, with gaps

Bsam blo’i shes rig, 2001-2007, with gaps

ʼBum gsar dgon pa’i rtsom rig dus deb, 2004-2006

Co ne ba, 2009-2012, with gaps

Dge lugs zhib ʼjug (Mtsho sngon zhing chen Nang bstan rig gnas zhib ʼjug lte gnas), 2008-2012

Dpyid char (Gtsang skor Zhol ma, Gande Xian), 2005-2006

Dpyod ldan mcod paʼi me tog (Tongren Xian), 2006-2011, with gaps

Dus kyi me long (Thar shul Monastery, Guinan), 2004-2008

Dus rabs kyi bsam gzhigs (Tongren Xian), 2002-2006

Gangs can me tog = Flower of Snowland, 2003-2007, with gaps

Gangs ljongs nyi gzhon, 2013-2014

Gangs ri’i gzi dpal, 2004-2009, with gaps

Gangs riʼi pho nya, 2007-2009

Gangs rtse’i me tog (Aba zhou), 2002

Gnyan po gʹyu rtse (Jiuzhi Xian), 2000-2007

ʼGro : Reb gong Lcang lung dgon pa’i rig gzhung dus deb, 2004

Gser gyi lha dar (Language Affairs Office , Xinhai Xian), 2004

Gser ʼod (Rongwo Monastery, Tongren Xian), 2006-2010, with gaps

Gtsang gsum = Three Rivers (Qinghai Yushu), 2001

Gzhung brgya’i bgro gleng = Deliberate on encyclopedia (Bya khyung Monastery?, Hualong), 2006

ʼJig rten gyi dpyid ka (Qinghai Huangnan County Cultural Bureau, Tongren), 2004

Khri shor rgyal moʼi rlabs sgra  (Gonghe Xian), 2003-2005

Khug rta (Xining), 2002-2005

Klog pa po (Kan-su’u Mi rigs dpe skrun khang), 2012

Klog pa po (Xining), 2003-2004

Kun phan rig tshogs : Shar Bla rung nyams rtogs rang shar gling gi rtsom yig phyogs sbrigs (Golok), 2002

Lha chab sngon mo (Gonghe Xian), 2002-2011, with gaps

Lha chab sngon mo’i gzi brjid, 2005-2010

Lha rnga (Gansu Province Fojiao Xueyuan private fund, local, Buddhist school; 6yuan), 2006

Lho sprin = Lucky Cloud (Gter ston chos sgar), 2002

Ljang myug,

Lnga rig gi lang tsho, 2002-2011, with gaps

Lo tsa gling  (Lanzhou), 2010-2011

Mdo la ring mo’i ʼgyur khugs (Mdo smad A-rig Monastery, Qilian Xian, Haibei), 2004-2006

Mdun skyod kyi gom sgrwa = Mdun skyod kyi gom, 2002-2009, with gaps

Mtho Bod (Amdo), 2010-2012

Nyi gzhon, 1980s

Nyi zer (Tongren xian), 2006-2008

ʼOd dkar ri bo’i lang tsho = Spring of snow-white Mountain (Thar shul monastery, Gonghe), 2003

Pha yul (Qinghai Huangan Tongren ʼGar tse village), 2006

Rdza chu’i rlabs sgra = The Waves Sound of Dzachu Bumsar Monastery = Mdo khams Rdza chu kha ba

Rdzogs ldan bsu baʼi dung sgra (Tongren Xian), 1999-2003

Rgyang ring gi mdun lam = Bright Future (Sprel rdzong Monastery, Xinghai Xian), 2003

Rlabs phreng (Luqu Xian), 2006-2008

Rlung (Tongde Xian), 2001

Rma dgon gser ʼkhor (Rma dgon dge ldan bkra shis chos gling , Gansu Maqu Xian), 2003-, with gaps

Rma sras : Rma yul ʼBrong thu’i snyan rtsom, 2004

Rmu thag (Mdo smad Klu tshang dgon chen), 2006-2007

Sbra nag : Mgo log khul Dga’ bde rdzong Bod yig slob ʼbring gi rtsom rig dus deb, 2006

Sga Jo bo’i gzi ʼod : Zil dkar dgon pa’i rtsom rig dus deb (Yushu), 2006

Shar dung ri (Xi bei min zu xue yuan, Lanzhou), 2003-, with gaps

Skya rengs (Guinan xian), 2004-2010

Smra seng bzhad sgra = Voice of Buddha (Aba County Amchog Monastery), 2000-2002

Son ʼdebs = Planting seeds (Gcan tsha?), 2006

Sprin kyi me tog, (Xiahe Xian), 2006-2010

Tho rengs skar chen = Open Mind of Star (Them chen rdzong Mi rigs slob ʼbring, Haixi), 2003-2006

Ti seʼi ʼod snang, 2004-2006

ʼTshol snyeg (Gannan), 2007-210

Tsong khaʼi gzi ʼod (Xining), 2002-2004

Zhang zhung rig gnas (Xizang), 2007-2009

Zhogs glu (Khri ka rdzong Shar lung lte gnas bca sod slob grwa, Guide), 2006

Zla phyed gleng mol, 1995-2013, with gaps


BYA-RA DATABASE  http://latse.org/byara

The most useful resource for searching Tibetan-language journal articles is the Bya-ra Database, which is hosted by the Latse Library and covers more than 12,000 Tibetan-language journal articles published in China.  See 

TIBETBOOK.NET  http://tibetbook.net/en/3-journals

You may also search or browse titles by sub-category on the website of the Tibetan book vendor, Tibetbook.net.



TBRC has also begun to index Tibetan-language journal articles, and the contents of many serial publications.


For lengthier discussion and a list of other indexes and finding aids for Tibet-related periodicals in Tibetan, English, Chinese, and other languages, click here.