Japanese Rare Books & Special Collections

Illustration from Rare Japanese Book Nara-ehon Urashima Tarō (奈良絵本 浦島太郎)

Japanese Rare Books

  • Japanese rare books collection has been gradually developed based on the initial 584 volumes of woodblock printed books donated by the Imperial Household in 1928, during Dr. Ryusaku Tsunoda's tenure at the library.


Rare Book Reproductions

  • The collection also holds a number of fine reproductions of important publications as well as manuscripts.

Catalogue of Japan-Related Reproduced Books (May 2007, revised February 2013)

Catalogue of Reproduced Books of Kisho Fukuseikai Sōsho /  稀書複製会叢書複製本目録
    Author Index / 著者索引
    Title Index   /  書名索引
    Genre Index /  分類索引

  • Some 300 scrolls, both original and in reproduction, have been among the Library's treasures. 

Special Collections

  • Letters to Donald Keene from Japanese literary figures, 1952-2004.     
    A collection of letters and manuscripts by twentieth-century Japanese authors, and first editions of Japanese literary publications, inscribed by the authors to Professor Donald Keene.
  • Abe Kōbō collection, 1933-2002, (bulk 1950-1993)
    Original books, pamphlets, journals, magazines, manuscripts, and ephemera produced, published and collected by Abe Kōbō. Also includes photocopied newspaper, magazine, and journal articles as well as book excerpts from Abe Kōbō's study.
  • The Barbara Curtis Adachi Bunraku Collection, 1964-2003.
    This collection contains slides, photographs with corresponding contact sheets and negatives, audio and video materials, performance-related printed materials, realia objects and personal papers related to Bunraku collected by Barbara Curtis Adachi.
  • The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film
    The Makino Collection (牧野コレクション) focuses on print materials mostly related to Japanese film that were collected over the course of fifty years by former documentary filmmaker and film researcher, Makino Mamoru.