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October 4, 2007

Welcome & Opening Remarks

  David Magier, Welcome on behalf of Columbia University Libraries/CHRDR Video Available
  Bernard Reilly, Welcome on behalf of Center for Research Libraries/Global Resources Network Video Available
  Keynote: A Conversation with Juan E. Méndez and David Marwell
More about keynote presenters and moderator Peter Rosenblum >>
Video Available

October 5, 2007

Section 1: Current Approaches to HR Documentation

Moderator: David Magier, Columbia University Libraries


Trudy Peterson, former Archivist, U.S. Government; "Tribunals Past and Present: Temporary Courts, Permanent Records" Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Mary Marshall Clark, Director, Oral History Research Office, Columbia University Libraries; "Oral History and Human Rights Documentation: Acts of Witness on the Journey to Justice" Video Available
  Richard Richie, Cambodian Genocide Documentation Project, Yale University; "Preservation and Access through Microfilming of Khmer Rouge Documents and Archives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for Research and Tribunals" Video Available
  Kate Doyle, Senior Analyst of US Policy in Latin America, National Security Archive; "Exhumations: The Recovery of Repressive Archives" Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Douglas Greenberg, Shoah Visual History Foundation; "Indexing Memory: Access to Video Testimony of Genocide" Video Available
  Section 1 close; Panel Q&A Video Available

Section 2: Grassroots Activities and New Forms of Documentation

Moderator: Joshua Rubenstein, NE Regional Director, Amnesty International USA


Advocates from Columbia University's Human Rights Advocates Program, Center for the Study of Human Rights; "Documentation in Action: Three Human Rights Activists Share How They Use Documentation in Claiming Rights" Video Available   Slideshow Available

Video Available

Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Grace Lile, Media Archives Manager, WITNESS; "Bearing Witness: Issues in Audiovisual Human Rights Documentation and Archiving" Video Available   Full-Text Available   Slideshow Available
  Robert Wolven, Associate University Librarian, Columbia University Libraries; "Issues in Human Rights Web Archiving" Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Section 2 close; Panel Q&A Video Available

Section 3: Legal Uses of HR Documentation

Moderator: Peter Rosenblum, Clinical Professor of Human Rights Law, Columbia University Law School
  Alison Des Forges, Senior Advisor, African Division, Human Rights Watch; "Genocide in Triplicate: Use of Documents in National and International Prosecution of the Rwandan Genocide" Video Available
  Richard Dicker, Director, Human Rights Watch International Justice Program; "Seized Iraqi Security Documents: Assembling Evidence for a Case of Genocide" Video Available
  Lucy Thomson, Digital Evidence Project, American Bar Association; "Legal Uses of Human Rights Documentation: The Challenges of Digital Evidence in Human Rights Cases" Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Graeme Simpson, Director of Thematic Programs, International Center for Transitional Justice; "The Burden of Truth: Evidence and Testimony in Dealing with Violations of the Past" Video Available
  Section 3 close; Panel Q&A Video Available

Section 4: Teaching and Research: Academic Approaches to the Use of HR Documentation

Moderator: David Magier, Columbia University Libraries


Alice Miller, Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University; "Teaching the Moving Target: Human Rights as Struggle in History and in the Classroom" Video Available
  Peter Nardulli, Director, Cline Center for Democracy, University of Illinois, & Kalev Leetaru, University of Illinois; "News Archives, Advanced Information Technologies and Human Rights: An Event Analysis for the Post WW II Era" Video Available   Slideshow Available
  Paul Gordon Lauren, Regents Professor of History, University of Montana; "Bringing Human Rights in History to Life: Documentation for Teaching and Research" Video Available
  Section 4 close; Panel Q&A Video Available


Conference Wrap-up

Paul Martin, Professor, Center for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University; Conference Wrap-up

Video Available

October 6, 2007

Working Sessions: How can libraries and archives address Human Rights needs?

  Opening Remarks: James Neal
Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University; Opening remarks

Video Available
  Panel Discussion: Identification of the most critical issues

      Panel discussion
  • James Neal, Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University

  • David Magier, Director, Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, Columbia University Libraries

  • James Simon, Director of International Resources, Center for Research Libraries/Global Resources Network

Video Available
  Panel Discussion: Conclusions: How can libraries and educational institutions help address the listed issues?

      Panel discussion
  • Bernard Reilly, President, Center for Research Libraries/Global Resources Network

Video Available
  Conference Close; Adjournment Video Available


CHRDR Conference: 4-6 October 2007
Human Rights Archives and Documentation:
Meeting the Needs of Research, Teaching,
Advocacy and Social Justice

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