About the Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research

photo courtesy of Rodrigo Sandoval

    The Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research supports the community of teachers, students, researchers, and law and social justice advocates working in the multidisciplinary sphere of human rights. The Center pursues three programmatic directions:  building research collections, supporting and engaging in human rights education efforts, and developing events and collaborations related to human rights documentation and research. The Center was established in 2005 and is based in the Columbia University Libraries and Information Services. 

    We are the official repository for the archives of major human rights organizations such as Amnesty International USA, the Physicians for Human Rights,  Human Rights First, and Human Rights Watch.

Please contact us at chrdr@columbia.edu if you would like to receive information about our collections and activities. 

Follow us on Twitter @HRDocumentation.

We welcome your interest in learning more about our collecting programs, donating your archives, and/or supporting our Center.

Pamela Graham (landscape)




Pamela M. Graham serves as the Director of the Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research.  She also directs the Humanities &  Global Studies division of the Libraries.  See our contact page for assistance.