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Journals in Books

Thousands of old Chinese journals, magazines, newspapers, and other continuous publications, especially those of Republican Period, have been reprinted into books, oftentimes into big book sets such as 204-volume 民國佛教期刊文獻集成, 83-volume 民國佛教期刊文献集成補編, 民国珍稀短刊断刊, and 民国画报汇编, etc. Many of them are in dozens or even hundreds of volumes.

If discovering and accessing the original periodicals may be difficult, such multi-volume book sets, in addition to databases of journal archives, may contain the right periodical articles and information needed.

One of the good ways to successfully find a needed periodical in a book set, in fact, to discover most unsure Chinese items, is to search WorldCat. Please consider and try the following steps:

  1. Click on WorldCat. At the very bottom of the search screen, choose 繁体 Chinese (Traditional) or 简体 Chinese (Simplified). This is optional; it only helps to display the search results in traditional or simplifed Chinese.
  2. Fill in the right periodical information if accurately known. If unsure, fill in the title phrase or any phrase or keyword of the title, publisher, organization, editor, or any other important information, with which the periodical is supposed to be identified with. Fill in Chinese, traditional or simplified, and be sure to give it quotations marks.
  3. Choose Keyword. This helps to cast a wider net to capture the needed periodical in a reprinted book in addition to the original periodical and e-resources.
  4. Fill in the range of Year(s), which is less important. Choose language: Chinese, which is more important; otherwise, Japanese or Korean materials, which include the same Chinese characters, may unexpectedly get in if not needed.
  5. Search and get the results, which shall include the book set containing the targeted periodical. If the results are too many to make the browsing and review manageable, use 限制 Limit on the upper left side, or review by clicking on the tabs of different formats of the search results.
  6. Copy and paste the title information (the Romanized title, not the Chinese character title) into CLIO, or through further searching from WorldCat, to get the right call number of the book if the book set is available. Use the right volume of the book set for the needed periodical.


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