Columbia University Songs

Roar, Lion, Roar

According to a note in Columbia University Songs, 3rd edition, 1924, this song, with words by Corey Ford ('23) and music by Roy Webb ('10) and Morris W. Watkins ('24), "received the prize awarded by the Alumni Federation of Columbia University for the Football Song-Contest of 1923".


We Are The Stuff (a.k.a. "Who Owns New York")

It's not entirely clear when the "Who owns New York" line became the more commonly used title for this song. The phrase appears in this version as "Who'll own New York?", in the third verse. Apparently, over time, the more decisive version has gained favor!


Sans Souci

Columbia University Songs cover image

All scans of music above are taken from Columbia University Songs, 3rd edition, 1924, New York: Alumni Federation of Columbia University, available in the Music & Arts Library under call number Music Scores Case 73.74 C72 C