Online Exhibits

Varsity Show program cover, 1912. Varsity Show program cover, 1912.

Varsity Show: A Columbia Tradition
Initially conceived as a fundraiser for the University's athletics teams, The Varsity Show has grown into Columbia University's oldest performing arts tradition. This online exhibition, highlighting the history and some of the more notable elements of this tradition, is an expansion of a physical exhibit created by the University Archives in 2004 to mark the 110th anniversary of The Varsity Show.


Morningside Heights Digital History
This set of exhibits highlights some of the most important and distinctive aspects of the Morningside Heights transformation by documenting the construction and expansion of its key sites, such as the Bloomingdale Asylum, the Lion Brewery, the Leake and Watts Orphan House, St. Luke’s Hospital and others. Visitors can view maps, photographs, architectural drawings, newspaper clippings, postcards, and other materials, all of which provide an intimate look at the creation of modern Morningside Heights. These exhibits were curated by The Developing Librarian team at Columbia University.

Low Library Crowd, 1968 Low Library crowd, 1968.

1968: Columbia in Crisis
The occupation of five buildings in April 1968 marked a sea change in the relationships among Columbia University administration, its faculty, its student body, and its neighbors. Featuring original documents, photographs, and audio from the University Archives, this online exhibition examines the causes, actions, and aftermath of a protest that captivated the campus, the nation, and the world.


Butler 75: Butler Library's 75th Anniversary, 1934-2009
In celebration of Butler Library's 75th anniversary, we are pleased to present Butler 75, an online exhibition of Butler Library, 1934–2009. The exhibition features images from the University Archives highlighting the construction, art and architecture of Butler Library, and the people who've used and enjoyed the library over the years. Special features include a timeline of events and a "Tell Us Your Story" area of alumni memories.


Columbia Maison Française: Centennial 1913-2013
This online exhibition presents the expanded digital format of the physical exhibition Columbia Maison Française: Centennial 1913–2013: Celebrating a Century of French Culture and Ideas at Columbia University in New York, on display at the Columbia Maison Française, September 5 to October 30, 2013. The exhibition was curated by Shanny Peer and co-presented by the Maison Française and Columbia's Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The exhibit documents the history, development and major events of this important cultural institution at Columbia University.